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Conserve Water This Summer

Are you looking for ways to conserve water?

The hot summer months are near.

Warm weather usually is a recipe for more water usage.

People are washing cars, filling pools, watering gardens and more.


Conserving water has been best practice in most regions.


Conserving water can not only reduce pollution in lakes and streems,

it can also save you money on your utility bill.

Below you will find a few ways to help you conserve water.

  1. Put a layer of multch around trees and plants.

    • This slows evaporation of moisture.
  2. Water your garden only when it needs it.

    • Mister Landscaper's DIY Low-Flow Irrigation  for the garden and potted plants can help with this. 
    • Mister Landscaper also sells a timer so you can control when your garden is watered while you are away.
  1. don't run the hose while washing your car.

  2. Water your garden in the morning. 
    • This reduces evaporation and prevents fungus from growing.
  3. Use a broom not a hose to clean the driveway.

  4. Check for leaks in hoses and pipes.

    • A leaking faucet can loss 20 gallons of water a day.
  5. Use a water meter to check for hidden leaks.

    • Read the meeter two hours before and after water usage.
  6. Put water boosters in the back of your toilet.

    • Use a small bottle with rocks in it to save 10 or more gallons a day. Keep bottle away from operating tools.


Straw Bale Garden

Have you ever wondered if soil is the only way to grow a garden? Believe it or not you have other options. Today I am going to share with you how to create your own Straw Bale Garden.


Straw Bail Garden's are  great for planting in small areas or areas that don't  have soil. You will need to prep your Straw Bale Garden. The good news is that it will only take 12-14 days to prepare.

The great news is that if you use Mister Landscaper's DIY Irrigation you won't have to worry about most of the prep work. The first move is to purchase your straw bales and liquid fertilizer, with nitrogen to to increase the decomposition process. The total process takes 10-12 days. 

Before you set up your Mister Landscaper DIY Irrigation Kit you want to make sure your straw bale is on it's side with the cut side up. The cut side of the straw bale will act like little straws. This allows the water and fertilizer to soak down into the bale.  Now you are ready to set up Mister Landscaper's DIY Low-Flow Irrigation Kit. This only takes about 20 minutes or less. 

If you order  Mister Landscaper's Timer you can attach it to the end of your hose and you won't  have to water your bales for the next 3-4 days. You will want to set the timer to water often so that it remains damp for the entire three days. On the third day you will start using the liquid fertilizer. For the next 7-8 days you will want to use the liquid fertilizer. in addition to watering.

On day 12 you will want to return to just watering your bale. On the 12 day you will be able to stick your hand down into the bale and feel the heat from the decomposing process.

You don't want to plant until that tempature reaches the same temperature as the outside air.

If you plant too soon you will cook your plants. On the TH day you will need to start using the liquid fertilizer. Once the temparture reaches the air temperature it's time to plant.

You can plant anything in your Straw Bale Garden although some plants can pose a challenge. For example, corn and tomatoes grow tall and may cause your bale to tip.

Potatoes grow down and it may be difficult to retrieve them. To plant you will plant the same way you plant in the soil. You want to dig out a hole as deep as your plants root.

Be sure to space your plants according to the directions on the plant. Add some soil around the plant to stabiles it then place the straw you removed from the hole on top of that..


Finally you are ready to sit back and watch your plants grow. Don't forget to fertilize the plants once every week or two. Mister Landscaper's DIY Irrigation will take care of the watering.



Save Water


Spring is in the air and soon it will be summer! This is the time of year when we get outside and turn on the water. We fill the pool, clean the house, wash the car, and water the flowers. A lot of water will be flowing come spring and summer. This means a hike in your water bill and for some a water crisis.


Mister Landscaper has worked very hard through the years to help families save water. We all love the beautiful flowers growing in our gardens and the fresh fruit, and vegetables. Mister Landscaper understands the importance of gardening.


They also understand that conserving water is very important. This is why they decided to expand their low-flow irrigation system business and offer it to the public. They have developed DIY low-flow irrigation kits that are high quality and very easy to install. Everything you need comes in one kit.


If you ever decide you want to expand the low-flow irrigation system they sell the expansion parts separately as well. The family behind Mister Landscaper also strive to satisfy every customer. If you have questions we are here to help you. 

Garden Toys


We are never too old to play with Tonka trucks!

Our garden friends have done it again! They have come up with great ideas for re-purposing old toys. Don't toss out the old Tonka truck put it to good use

again by planting flowers in the back. These old toys make a great decorative conversation piece to any garden.

If you don't have a Tonka truck  use what ever you can find. The choices are endless when it comes to old toys. Check out your thrift stores and garage sales for more inspirational ideas. 

Check out our Pintrest page for more great DIY garden ideas.

Snowman Christmas Tree

 I struggle with decorating my tree every year. There are so many different cute ideas!

My problem is making my tree look as cute as the one in the picture. I just came across a new idea for your tree this year. I fell in love the first time I saw it on Facebook. It is cute and looks very easy to do. 


I heard the white  tree can be purchased at Big Lots for around $30.00. I also seen a snowman tree with a bucket of snowballs next to him and a shovel in his hand.

This is an easy Christmas craft that you can add your own style to. If you decide to make a snowman Christmas tree this Christmas we would love to see your tree.

You can share with us on our Mister Landscaper Facebook page.


Too Much Water

If you notice that the lower leaves on your plants are turning yellow or younger leaves are turning brown this could be a sign that your plants are getting too much water. You may also notice that your plants look wilted. Another sign is that the soil around your plants may appear green. These are all signs of over watering your plants.

Plants need to breath just as much as they need water. When the plants roots have too much water they can't breath and slowly start to suffocate. If the top of a plants soil is still damp then you know they have enough water.

If you are looking for a solution to giving your plants the right amount of water then check out for the perfect solution. Mister Landscaper sells DIY low-flow irrigation. It is very affordable and easy to install. The Mister Landscaper low-flow irrigation kits will give your plants the perfect amount of water while saving you time, money, and water.