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DIY Fairy Garden

Are you looking for something new to do with the kids or grandkids?

Want to get them outdoors and away from the technology?      

Here is an adorable craft to decorate the garden with the kids help!


What you will need:

  1.        Large Flower pot
  2.        Soil
  3.        Your choice of plants/ flowers
  4.        Twigs of several sizes
  5.        Plastic Cup or Bottle
  6.        Decorative Rocks
  7.        Hot glue gun
  8.        Twine


Step 1: Take your twigs and create some fairy furniture! 

Step 2: Take your plastic cup or bottle and glue your decorative rocks on to create a fairy home.

Step 4: Set your decorations and home aside and fill your flower pot with soil. (You want it to be as full as possible without overflowing.) Add your plants. (For our fairy garden that we are keeping indoors we chose to use fake moss and plastic flowers.)

Step 5: Add your fairy decorations to the flower pot! 

Enjoy this fun project!

Happy Gardening!


Images curtesy of Pinterest. 

The Fall Garden


The cooler air is on its way. The tips of our corn stocks are golden brown and almost ready for harvest time. A new season is upon us. Our gardens have a few vacancy

and you ask yourself, " what can I plant during the fall season?"

The first thing you need to know is  the average time the first frost will strike in your area. Next you need to know how long your garden plant needs to grow before it is ready to pick.

Some garden vegetables tend to grow better during the cooler months of summer and into the fall months. Broccoli lovers are in luck. On average broccoli takes about 70 days to mature. Brussels Sprouts take 90 days,

Cabbage takes 70 days, Cauliflower takes about 60 days, Lettuce takes about 60 days, Radish takes about 50 days, Rutabaga will take about 90 days, and Spinach will mature in about 45 days.

Depending on what you want to plant each garden vegetable requires some tender loving care. It is best to talk to your local nursery about how to grow your vegetables successfully in your area.

Wishing all my garden friends a happy fall harvest!


Mister Landscaper