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timer stopped working

Posted: 3 years ago Quote
My Easy Set timer no longer shows the bar next to Program Lock. (I have had the timer for about a month).
Each time I reset it, it disappears after the settings above it disappear (after a minute or so).
Is the unit defective?
Posted: 3 years ago Quote
Thanks for the question.  The screen goes blank after a few minutes to save on battery life.  When you activate screen again try touching the bottom "Manual" button once and then see if the bar is there.  What might be happening is that if you touch it more than once it turns on the screen then the 2nd touch makes the bar go away so you can change settings.  Once you are done changing the settings you touch the Program Set button once and you should see the bar then do nothing just let the screen go off.  If you want to see if it worked then touch the manual button once and you should see the bar on the Program Set.
If this does not work please call us 800-654-4086 and we will be happy to replace the timer.
Sorry for any inconvenience!
Thank you!
Mister Landscaper Team