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How many Drippers you can install using our 1/2" Poly as the main line:
With a beginning water pressure of 25 psi you can run 750ft using up to 500 of the .5 gph PC Drippers;  500ft of ½” poly using up to 250 of the 1gph PC Drippers, 250 ft of our ½” Poly using up to 125 of the 2 gph PC Drippers, 240 ft of the ½” In Line Drip tubing that has a 1gph pc dripper every 12 inches, 12 runs of 33ft of our ¼” In line Drip Tubing that has a .5gph dripper every 12 inches running the lines off our ½” Poly,  run 300ft of our ½” Poly using up to 40 to 45 of the Adjustable Drippers/Adjustable Dripper Stakes wide open max 10gph small spray and if they are turned down to just drip then approx. 125 if they are dripping 2gph or less.  (Remember when using all Drippers on a 1/2" Poly tubing system to use a 25 psi Pressure Regulator and A Filter.

How many Drippers you can install using our 1/4" Vinyl Tubing as a main line.
When using ¼” Vinyl as a main line verses using the ½” Poly Tubing you can run up to 200ft of our ¼” Vinyl with up to 25 of our ¼” Tees with 25 of our .5gph PC Drippers.

Combining both Drippers and Micro Spray on one system or zone:
It would be best if you could separate Drip and Micro because the Drip takes longer to disperse for example of up to an hour to get out proper watering and the micro sprays usually only need around 20 -30 minutes.
However, If you need to combine Drip and Micro Sprays then try to keep the total water around 500gph on max 300ft run should be safe.

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