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How Many Micro Sprays can be installed per system or zone?

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How many Micro Sprays can be installed per system or zone?

The maximum Micro Spray Stake Assemblies is a quantity of 50 per 300ft of ½” Poly Tubing if you have at least 40 psi at the faucet.  Each Stake uses 10gph so that is a total of 500gph if they are running at full pressure meaning around 25 psi at the very last one.  Typically if you tee at the faucet and run in 2 directions you would have more water pressure at the ends of the line by splitting the 300 feet run in 2 sections coming off the faucet.  We recomend using our 50 psi Pressure Regulator (MLA-58) for faucet water pressures of 50 psi and higher.  If you are using well water to irrigaite we also suggest using our Filter (MLFF-41)

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My beginner's kit did not have a PSI regulator - it seems to be working fine - can I assume my pressure is 50 or less or is there some other way to find out?
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Most homes have around 50 PSI so you are probably fine.  If you want to find out you need to purchase a Water Pressure gauge with hose threads on it.  You simply thread this device onto your faucet or end of your garden hose then turn on the water to get a reading of your water pressure.
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