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Choosing Micro Sprays OR Drippers To Water Landscapes

Micro Sprays benefits: See the spray pattern, Easy to Maintence, Pre-Assembled Stakes, Easy to Install just snap a hole into ½” Poly, insert Flow controller, thread in mister spray pattern of choice.  Use on all types of soil and  will water just about any plant or tree you can think off, very low water use of 10gph with great coverage of root zone.

Dripper Benefit:  Better for Clay soil types, very slow watering, hidden in most landscapes, no wind deflection.
( Little more effort to install, not pre assembled, need to install several to cover the root zone.)

Using SOIL TYPE to HELP in Choosing Drip or Micro Sprinklers to water Plants, Shrubs, Trees,  Landscapes & Gardens.  Use this Check List belowto Help you decide which to use for these Soil Types:

Easy Jar Test to find your soil type:
Fill a large Jar ½ with soil then fill
rest with clean water.  Shake well
the let sit 24 hours or so and take
look at what type of soil you have.
                                            Sand                     Loam                            Clay    
Micro Irrigation                      Best √                  Better  √                       Good     √
  Drippers                          Not So Good              Good  √             v         Better   √

**General suggestion.  For best watering duration cycle information contact local county extension agents.

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