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Combining Drip and Micro sprayers in same system?

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Can you combine both micro sprayers and drippers in the same system and in-line with one another?
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I do not know what the official answer is but I did today, I ran 200 feet of 1/2 inch line dripers on my roses and spayers on my hydrangea worked great
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Yes you can combine Micro Sprays and Drippers on the same line but there are some distinct advantages for running them separately if these following situations make a difference to your layout.  With Micro Sprays typically you don’t run as long of a cycle say 20 to 30 minutes and with Drippers you may need to run for an hour or longer unless you are using the drippers in a potted plant or hanging basket.  The Drippers work best with 25 psi or less and the Micro sprays work best at 25 to 50 psi due to the flow control devices on the stake assemblies.   If you are running a line after the micro sprays to drippers or in-line drip tubing you could use one of our End Fittings MLF-ENDCAP and un thread the cap and thread on the 25 psi Pressure Regulator then our 1/2" Poly Faucet Hose Fitting  MLF-33 to re attach the 1/2" Poly.  If you have more specific questions just let me know.
Thank you so much for the question!
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I have combined both the drip and sprayers in my system which I installed in the last month in my backyard. It consists of approx 225 ft of the 1/2 inch poly running along my back and side wooden fence. I layed the tubing behind the 4X4 posts and ran tubing off of 1/2 inch tees into each of my  3 flower bed pods and down the side of the fence along one long bed approx 60 ft long. I then ran 1/4 tubing into the beds, combining drippers for individual plants and misters for enter bed coverage always splitting the 1/4" tubing with tees too extend coverage. My soil is mostly compacted clay, so each plant is placed in its own excavated hold backfilled  with organic enriched material to insure a healthy start....

Plants include coneflowers, blackeye susans, sunflowers, hyssop, hardy hibiscus, roses, daylillies, hostas, and a variety of ground covers in the beds, ornamental grasses and a few other assorted perennials....the sprayers take care of the ground covers and the daylillies with the drippers covering everything else. My water pressure at the facet is approx 45 psi and I have no problems running a single line without a pressure regulator.  I am going to expand the line another 75 feet to cover my remaining bed, but will be installing two 1/2" inline valves in the main 1/2" lines to compensate for the added length and additional drippers and sprayers, thus breaking the system in half to insure proper water pressure if needed.....I'll test it first without the valves installed.

I'll have to count the exact number of sprayers and drippers I have....would estimate at this point Im running 25 sprayers and approx 40 drippers. I will probably be adding 10 more sprayers and  20 more drippers to complete the system in the back before I start on the front yard!
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Wow what a project and sounds like you have laid out your system perfectly!  Looking forward to hearing how it all turns out for you!  Thank you so much for your business and have a great day!!
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SST wrote:
Wow what a project and sounds like you have laid out your system perfectly!  Looking forward to hearing how it all turns out for you!  Thank you so much for your business and have a great day!!

I post some pics on the facebook site if the weekend weather holds...thanks for the quick ship on the parts...need them for the front yard my local Lowes was out and will not restock for the fall....
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Here's what I did .....

My basic layout goes around the house. These are all micro sprays. I needed to tee off this line and shoot down one side of my driveway where I intended to use 1gph drips. I tried drips without a pressure reg and it's too much water.

Off the tee I used a short piece of 1/2 poly and used a Male hose connector (This is made for regular 1/2 hose but the barb on it fits very tight into the poly) with a small hose clamp. (It dripped a bit without it)

Next is the 25psi regulator (MLD-25PR), male hose end goes into this. Out of the reg with the standard hose fitting (MLF-33) then continue with the poly where needed.

This keeps the entire section at 25psi (required for drips) while keeping the rest at 50psi (required for micro sprays).

Works like a charm!!!

Hey Mister Landscaper people ...... it would have been nice if you had a Male hose to 1/2 poly adapter!!

EDIT (About 5 mins later .... LOL)

It seems you DO make an adapter as stated. Guess it helps to read ALL the post information. But it's called MLF-ENDCAP But my local Lowes didn't have it anyway so my alternative still worked and it only cost 2 bucks. But it ain't pretty.  :)
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Glad you found our MLF-ENDCAP on line and I am impressed on how you made this work!
Great Job and thank you for sharing your experience!
Have a great day!