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Sprinkler Riser Spraying At my Bush

Posted: 3 years ago Quote
I have a sprinkler riser that is spraying into a bush, and is now blocking all of the water that is spraying out of the sprinkler.  I want to water the plants in front of the bush and probably remove the sprinkler on the riser because that bush does not need all of that water anyway.  What do you recommend?
Posted: 3 years ago Quote
Hey Garden girl,

Thought I might solve your little issue for you.  First of all It is supper easy to convert that sprinkler riser to ether a drip irrigation system, or to some micro sprays.  Depending on how your landscape is set up I would recommend using Micro sprays just because they are really good for the types of plants, like bushes that are usually found in landscape beds, But don't feel restricted to use one type.  You can even break it up to use drippers and micro sprays together.  

I would start by unscrewing the sprinkler head that is currently on your riser and replacing it with an MLA-4RA sprinkler riser adapter.  It will give you the opportunity to ad 4 outlets to your landscape area.  With 4 outlets you can ad drip lines, or a better option would be to ad some vinyl and lead the lines to the specific areas where you want to water.  One or two at the root zone of your bushes and the rest to the area where your other plants reside.  I would attach some landscape stake assemblies with different spray heads to the open ends of the vinyl. This is the part that is really great.  You can put them wherever you would like.  Move them around, even pick the type of spray jet you want to put on them.  Each Jet offers a unique way to spray your plants.

I hope this helps you better use water in your landscape, reducing waist, and helping all of your plants grow to the best of their ability.