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Landscape Edging

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Our garden is basically 'pods' around a deck. We wanted to keep our 1/2 poly hidden as much as possible along walkways and such. One of our walks is edged with 6" landscape edging, found at most Home DIY stores, and there was no way to lay the hose along it to not get stepped on. The edging just happens to have a rolled lip on top .... so, why not run the hose through it.
We line up the hose the way we wanted it in the garden area then matched it up to the top of the edging. Made a mark and cut a notch in the side of the edging, making it wide enough to allow for a smooth curve into the top. Fed the poly tube through the edging and pushed it out the other side. Completely hidden and safe and way easier than digging a trench.
I have pictures, just need a place to post to so I can leave a link.
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This will link to the picture.
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Sounds really cool!  You can send the picture to our email address.
Thanks for the innovative idea!