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Vinyl vs Rubber 1/4" tubing

Posted: 3 years ago Quote
I purchased some 1/4" tubing when I put my spray/drip system in several years ago which is marked Mister Lanscaper, and which appears to be rubber and it woks great.  I've added some new areas this year and want to extend my irrigation system but all I can find is Vinyl tubing which isn't very flexible and has been much harder to anchor in place in a planter due to it being stiff.  Where can I get this very flexible rubber like tubing?
Posted: 3 years ago Quote
Hi Haggy,
The product you purchased from us years ago was in fact Vinyl.  I have been using the same supplier for this resin for over 27 years now.  If you are purchaing Mister Landscaper 1/4" Vinyl Tubing then it is the same product for the last 19 years we have sold to Lowe's.  Our Vinyl is unique in several ways which makes it more flexible and last longer in direct sunlight.  If what you are seeing in the store is more ridgid or stiff then it is NOT Mister Landscaper.  On our Black colored vinyl we print our name Mister Landscaper.