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Liquid Fertilizer and Electronic Timer Questions

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1) I recently purchased the electronic timer from Mister Landscaper.  I noticed two design features that aren't explained on the packaging or in the instructions.  There is a small round port on the bottom with two metal prongs.  What is this for?  Does it connect to a rain sensor or ground moisture meter?  If so, where can I get those?  The second feature I saw was on the top, opposite of the hose fitting.  It's about 2-3 inches in length and the cross section would look like a T, as if it's meant to slide into some sort of housing to keep the timer locked in place.  Any idea what this is?

2) Can the Mister Landscaper system be fitted with something to allow for the addition of liquid fertilizer?

Thank you!
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I see there has been no response to this post for some time.  The first two items listed below have also stirred curiosity, but I have a strong interest in the third.  I noticed there is no products from Mr.L for any fertilizer options.  I have just completed my equipping my whole backyard with these products and the results are tremendous - it was so EZ!  The only improvement I desire is the ability to leverage liquid fertilizer - is there a reason why there are no options - is there a concern with potential build up or clogging?

Has anyone leveraged another drip/irrigation add-on with any results they are willing to share?

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Hi Lou _ can
I believe we replied to JMII directly instead of through the Forum and why no reply back then.
To help anyone that has the same questions to JMII 1st question:
The Prong at the bottom of our Timer MLWT-TIMER  and the mount on the top is for a Rain Gauge technology from Melnor who makes our Timer.  It comes in 2 separate pieces.  On piece mounts onto the top of the Timer and plugs in to the prong port under the timer.  The other wireless moisture sensor unit you place into the soil within 200 ft. of the Timer.  We have not added this unit to our product offering due to still field testing.  However you can get these units by contacting Melnor directly at

Fertilizer Questions:
Yes, you can run liquid fertilizer though our system, but it has to be a fertilizer that Completely Dissolves in Water.  If there is sediment in the line, it could clog jets and drippers so using a filter after the device is a good idea as well.   We currently refer any Mister Landscaper Customer to  our friends at EZ FLO who have years of experience in offering several different units for hooking up to our micro sprays, drippers , or any conventional irrigation system so that you can liquid feed while you are watering.  Please make sure your system has an adequate back flow anti siphon device before using a fertilizer injector with any irrigation system using a household water source.  To get more information on this please contact EZ FLO directly at or call 866-393-5601.   We also have a link to their website under our Company Tab under Links.  I hope this information helps! Thank you for using our products and supporting this company!