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I want to install a patio kit and would like to relocate the timer to the upper level where the plants are.  The faucet is on the patio below.  Can I run the 1/4" line from the faucet to the timer and then to the plants?  I realize this may take some extra fittings.  I want to use the tan line to blend with the deck.  Please advise, Don.
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Hi Don,
This will not work due to the fact our irrigation products are not designed to be under constant water pressure 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  You will need to attach the Timer to the faucet first then run the components in the Patio Kit connecting the 1/4" Vinyl and running that up to your upper level to the plants.  As long as you want to use the enclosed Dripper Stakes as Drippers verses sprays you should be good to go.  If you want the Stakes to spray then you will need to purchase our 1/2" Poly Tubing ( MLT-71 50ft coil or MLT-72 100ft Coil) and our faucet connector (MLF-33 1/2" Poly Faucet Fitting) to come off the Timer to the 1/2" poly then run that up to the upper level and use as a main line and feed off to the 1/4" Vinyl and Adjustable Dripper Stakes. You will also need to end the 1/2" Poly end with one of our end fittings (MLA-50 End Crimpers or MLF-ENDCAP End Fitting w/ a removable cap) and one of our Punch Tools to snap into the 1/2" Poly using the 1/4" Couplers that twist off the side of the Adjustable Dripper Stakes.   Please let us know if you have any questions on this.
Thanks for the question!
Have a great day!