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Making the installation of 1/2" Fitting even easier!

Posted: 3 years ago Quote
Ok, if anyone has arthritis or other hand/wrist issues we have a great tip for you!  Our VP has come up with an awesome tip that will help you install any of our 1/2" Fitting with 1/2" Poly tubing.  This is it: Olive Oil.  Yes that's right, simply put a dab of Olive Oil on a paper towel or tissue and rub it around the inside hole of the 1/2" Poly Tubing. Then you can easily push in the 1/2" fitting inside the 1/2" poly till it stops.  To finish you simply tighten the collar by turning it in a counter clockwise motion. It is that easy!
Posted: 3 years ago Quote
I am a brand new user of this product.  Today I started installing a small project of irrigating a small rose bed.  Later I will move on to my larger rose beds. I have fibromyalgia and attaching the tubes to the connections were impossible so I called my husband for help.  He tried then said that in the laboratories to attach tubing what they did was wet the item and then slide and TURN as you are sliding.  What he used was a spray silicone; he said water or DW40 could also be used.  
Tomorrow I will return to the store to purchase a few more parts and hopefully  be able to turn on the faucet with success.
Posted: 3 years ago Quote
Sly 1
Thank you for your post...Please DO NOT use silicon or wd 40 on these products!!!  Any vegetable oil or olive oil would be great to use and will accomplish the easy assembly without damaging any of the components of our micro sprays, drippers, poly fittings, etc.  
Please call us directly if you have any questions about this at 800-654-4086.
Thank you and have a great weekend!!