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Timer won't close

Posted: 3 years ago Quote
My 5 month old easy set timer has stopped closing.
Even on manual, I can hear the valve close but it does not close fully to stop the water flow and continues to let water through. A little slower, but still significant.
I had replaced the battery about a month ago when I found it had stopped opening even though the low battery bar did not come on, it apparently did not have enough to open the valve.  The new battery seemed to fix that issue.
Any Ideas? Since it is still under warranty do I return to the store or to you?
Posted: 3 years ago Quote
Hi Dan K,
First of all I applologize for missing your post!  Yes we will replace this Timer!  Please email us you shipping address to
Thank you!
Posted: 2 years ago Quote
I just purchased a Mister Timer from Lowes and the valve stays open and will not close.  What's the problem?
Posted: 2 years ago Quote
Please contact us directly with your Name and Address so that a new one can be shipped to you.
Thank you for letting us know!
Have a great day!
Posted: 9 months ago Quote
I purchased two of these timers this season after two of the older model MisterTimer's gave up the ghost.  Within a week, one day apart, both of the new MisterTimer's failed to turn off and flooded our front yard and then  our back yard.  I'm no expert, but based on my experience with fault tolerant systems, a failure of the valve should result in water NOT flowing.  A failure that results in an open valve was a minor issue for us (aside from the cost of the timers) but under different circumstances it could have been a disaster.  Based on the previous entries on this thread, it looks like there is a known problem and hopefully a solution.  Any advice?