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Adventurous lawn watering, anyone?

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We live in Arkansas.  Grayish colored, sandy "soil" that gives concrete a run for the title of impenetrable surfaces on top of red clay and lots and lots of embedded rocks ranging from itty bitty to impressive landscape-size boulders.  I'm talking about a little bit of mudstone and a whole lot of chert (flint), limestone, and quartz crystals.  (Maybe it's all the ground aggregate that turns everything to concrete?)

Once you get something growing it will do surprisingly well — as long as you can keep the summer temps and wind from dehydrating everything.  We've got a yard area that we're determined to cover with something green.  Being from "up north" we had high hopes for creeping charlie.  However, it didn't take long to figure out why it isn't listed as being invasive in these parts.  But we're not giving up 'cause we found out that chiggers don't show up where charlie is growing.  We're still working on getting the rocks out of the yard, but we've managed to get a pretty significant area looking green with the creeping charlie, clover and grass.

My husband picked up a sprinkler starter kit and we think it actually does a pretty remarkable job.  The slow misting really made everything green happy and the water even pooled nicely in the bare spots making the ground soft enough to give things a chance to branch out and poke through to the surface.  So many of the yard areas have significant sloping that the water actually managed to run downhill and cover more than the actual spray pattern.  Better yet, the well was able to keep up with the rate the system uses water and we were actually able to water all day long without having our water flow punk out entirely.  (That's why we aren't just looking at something like quick-snap

Okay, here's the downside:  We ended up spending a whole lot of time moving the 1/2 inch feeder line and the 5 stakes that come with the starter kit around to get water to the entire yard.  There were very few places where we could get a stake pushed into the ground so we propped them into place with rocks.  We think we've figured out how we can lay out a 1/2 inch feeder line and pound pvc pipe inserts into the ground so that we can support the mister stakes.  That way, we can move everything around more easily and/or flip the stakes out of the way when we want to mow the lawn.  (Product hint — Haven't seen if the 1/4 inch lines connect and disconnect easily enough to just detach them from the 1/2 inch line.  If not, quick connectors would be wonderful!  Or maybe micro-misters that connect directly to the 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch lines?)

We haven't priced it out, but a permanent sprinkler system looks like it could get a little bit more than pretty pricey since we're dealing with 3900+ square feet....  Gotta be talking zones here, right?

Is there any chance that we could set up something using the garden drip irrigation system?  I looped an old soaker hose in rows approximately 12" apart and it worked pretty well.  That might not have been the best way to test out the possibilities of a drip system, however, as that old thing has a bunch of pin holes and so it also puts out some fine sprays.  Maybe some well-placed bubblers would do the trick?  Or way impressive loops of the brown 1/4 inch drip line?

Sorry if all this is tmi.  But we'd sure love to know if anyone has been there done this!  I promise to send photos if we manage to come up with something...

Even though we've found the Mister Landscaper products to be incredibly well-designed and versatile, maybe we're just hoping for too much here.  Oh well, we may be 'geezers', but at least we haven't lost the ability to think about the possibilities.  Hopefully, we're not so far out there that we've gone beyond that point.  :-)
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Hi Mrsmister,
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