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1/2 line to 1/2 line or 1/2 line to 1/4 line regulator

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Product idea!

I currently have 200 feet of 1/2 line everywhere in my yard and would like to add some drippers.
If i have 35 misters and my water pressure is over 50 PSI will it hurt adding about 20 drippers to the system factoring in the pressure drop with the misters?

If so the idea is a regulator for 25 PSI that would cinch to the 1/2 pipe and regulate it to 25 PSI.

It could be a T  L or end coupler, also have the developers considered manufacturing a + fitting to go 4 ways?



Also it would be nice to have a PSI gauge that can hook directly to your spigot to determine your water pressure since alot of people dont have wells and can look at the gauge easily!
Posted: 2 years ago Quote
""Yes you can combine Micro Sprays and Drippers on the same line but there are some distinct advantages for running them separately if these following situations make a difference to your layout.  With Micro Sprays typically you don’t run as long of a cycle say 20 to 30 minutes and with Drippers you may need to run for an hour or longer unless you are using the drippers in a potted plant or hanging basket.  The Drippers work best with 25 psi or less and the Micro sprays work best at 25 to 50 psi due to the flow control devices on the stake assemblies.   If you are running a line after the micro sprays to drippers or in-line drip tubing you could use one of our End Fittings MLF-ENDCAP and un thread the cap and thread on the 25 psi Pressure Regulator then our 1/2" Poly Faucet Hose Fitting  MLF-33 to re attach the 1/2" Poly. If you have more specific questions just let me know.
Thank you so much for the question! ""

Found 1/2 of my answer digging in the forums! Would be nice to add that tid bit of info in the packing inserts!