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Leaking Pressure Regulator

Posted: 2 years ago Quote
I am using 2 of the 25psi regulators on separate runs and both are installed correctly.  Both of them leak steadily from the relief hole, meaning that I see a full drip about every 5 seconds.  If I back off the faucet about a 1/4 turn, the leak stops and all is fine but am I getting a full 25psi to the 1/2" line?  Is my water pressure just too high for the regulator?

Posted: 2 years ago Quote
Hi Dan,
Thank you for contacting us!  The relief hole is there to identify that some debris had entered between the wall of the diaphragm and the body of the pressure regulator.  You can try reversing the flow of water to this regulator to try and flush it out.   Just remove the regulator from the faucet then turn it around with the male threads towards the faucet or end of the garden hose and hold up to it and turn on the water to get a high volume of water going inside the device.  This will sometime flush the debris out then you can re-install and you should not have any more leaking.  If it does continue to leak after doing this then the device will need to be replaced you may need to consider using a screen or filter installed in front of the regulator.  Please let me know if you have any questions on this.  Thank you for your business and for contacting us with this question!
Posted: 2 years ago Quote
Thanks Sam.  I will try reversing the flow and see what happens.