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Irrigation line on deck above spigot?

Posted: 2 years ago Quote
I just moved into a rental and have a deck above my backyard. The nearest spigot is below the deck (~10' down). I'd like to run some drip irrigation lines up to the deck to water some plants up there.

Every backflow device seems to say that it has to be installed above the highest level of water in the line.

Is there a way to do this without having to install a backflow device on the deck? Ideally I'd like to have all the drip irrigation connections (psi regulator, backflow, filter, etc.) down by the spigot. I'm just not sure if it's safe to do so.

Any advice (or warnings that I'm an idiot) appreciated.

Posted: 2 years ago Quote
Hi judetf ,
Thank you for contacting us with this question.  You are correct that you will need a special device to keep water from draining out of the Back Flow prevention device once the system is off when you are running all the water above the faucet like this.  We suggest using a product offered by Hunter and it is called a Hunter Check Valve HCV.  It has a 1/2" female pipe thread inlet by a 1/2" male pipe thread outlet.  Spears makes fittings that will attach to this to give you a 3/4" Hose Thread female inlet x 3/4" hose thread male outlet.  If you need more information on this please contact us directly at Mister Landscaper by calling our factory at 800-654-4086 or email
Thank you for your business!