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Drip irrigating over a garage doorway from a spicket

Posted: 2 years ago Quote
As I've been installing my drip irragation system around my yard, I have run into an issue with my nearest water source being on the opposite side of my driveway from the flower beds running along the the driveway.  I was considering running the 1/2" drip tubing from the spicket (which is right along the right side of the driveway, right in front of the garage), and up and over the garage doors under the eve of the house to get it accross the driveway without running over it.  I would have no emitters obviously along that path over the garage doors, and would then run it into the beds where it would do the watering.  Since this would pose a large increase in elevation compared to the rest of the drip line, is it something that might work?  I'm using pressure compensating drippers everywhere.  Would a vacuum relief valve help with air bubbles?
Any insight is much appreciated!  Thanks!
Posted: one year ago Quote
Unless you're using pressurized water either from a water pump or city system,
your tubing can go only as high as the stored water.