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Hooking up to Faucet

Posted: one year ago Quote
Hi:  I have just moved to a new house.  The only faucet I have is in the front and it sticks out horizontally.  The set up I have starts with my timer, back flow then pressure regulator.  So that is a total of 12 inch sticking straight out.  Is there a way to drop it vertically?  I love your system and have moved it with me from two other houses.

Thanks for you help

Lyssa Wintz
Posted: one year ago Quote
You can get angled connectors for your faucet at Home Depot or Lowes.  They are usually about 45 degrees, so you may need 2 of them to get vertical.  What I do is have a single 45 connector, then a timer, then connect to a hose which then has all the other pieces.  The hose cannot take 24x7 water pressure in the heat without bursting or separating from the connectors, so the timer is actually protecting the hose.
Posted: one year ago Quote
Hi Lyssa!
Sorry for the late reply!!  So thrilled you love our system! I  know how that must look and really the only way to get that down is to put on the faucet a 90 elbow fitting.  You could do this 3 different ways.
1st is to replace the faucet you have now with one that has the downward spout.
2nd is to go to a Lowe's or hardware store and purchase a galvanized or brass 90 elbow but you will need to get converters to go from pipe threads to hose threads.  Just remember to use the white pvc tape so the threads do not leak since you will have water pressure on this 24/7 if you are using our timer.
3rd way is to see if in the store where they sell the garden hose attachments and see if they have on metal elbow hose threaded fitting with a female end on one site and a male end on the other side.  
You are welcome to email me directly as well at
Thank you for your business and hope you have a great day!