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Mister Timer Won't Wake Up

Posted: one year ago Quote
I bought a Mister Timer model MLWT about a year ago and used it successfully all last year through our growing season. I stored it indoors over the winter. Today, when I put fresh batteries in the unit nothing happened. The display doesn't come on even when I press the circular dial. I checked the battery contacts and there is no corrosion. I tried a second set of batteries whose voltage I checked first and the unit still won't wake up.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to how I can get the unit to work.

Many thanks,

Dale G.
Posted: one year ago Quote
Same problem as's that time of the year, and here I sit looking a dead MLWT timer.  After installing brand new batteries (and testing new batteries on a meter), I looking at a black display screen, and not a clue what to do.  It's been 10 days since last input from Dale and no response from mr.l?? Do we have defective units after only a year of operation?

Lou C.
Posted: one year ago Quote
Hi Dale and Lou,
Sorry for the late response!  Both of you need to email us directly at with your shipping address so we can get you replacements sent out immediately!
Thank you both for your business and hope you have a great day!
Posted: one year ago Quote
I wanted to follow-up and close out this item by sharing a very positive problem resolution experience with Mr.L.

Within 3 hours after posting an add-on comment to Dale, and another input directly to Customer Service through the Mr.L site tab called, SUPPORT, "Resolve Common Issues." I received a personal reply from Ms. Halliday, Vice President, Mister Landscaper,Inc., expressing a nice apology, indicating that the timer was still under warranty, an action plan for me to receive a replacement item, AND a "Helpful hint, to help the timers last longer, during the cold months, (when you do not water), store your timer inside your house and also remove the batteries."

Within the 30 minutes I received additional notes and instructions from Randy, Tony, Denise and Sam to priority ship me a replacement item, with tracking information...the unit is schedule to be delivered today (FYI Sam is the President of Mister Landscaper, Inc.).  Not only am I a happy camper, but very impressed with speed and quality of the Mr.L's team actions to handle this issue...the timer is an excellent and easy to use help for typical homeowners, but product value and pricing for it's useful life is a main consideration...I am hoping the replacement lasts more than a year, if I  follow the "Helpful Hint."

Based on my background and many years in the service industry, the Mr.L Team sets a high bar for demonstrating such a great job when taking care of our grumpy customers, and their attention to detail when handling problem resolution actions!  Based on the Mr.L's high standard, I suspect they have earned considerable long term customer loyality.

Again, many thanks for all the action provided...WELL DONE.

Lou C
Posted: one year ago Quote
Lou thank you so much for all your comments!  We greatly appreciate your business and thank you for recognizing how much we care about our customers and their satisfaction!
Hope you are having a great summer!
Thank you!