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I was wondering if anyone has a GrowCamp mini greenhouse and has set it up with Mister Landscaper watering equipment. I would like to create something that could be attached to the support pole that runs the length of the top of the greenhouse. Below is the site for an idea of the greenhouse.
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Hi msdldavies,
Ok to use our products in this greenhouse you would use our ½” poly tubing down the center beam of your greenhouse using zip ties to hold it in place.
At Lowe’s you have a 50ft coil #71217 and a 100ft coil 16285 of our ½” poly available.

  You can go with our micro spray MLM-404 # 44210   using the Green G shaped mister that gives you a 320 mist type pattern placing them every 3 feet to give a head to head coverage.
  This is actually what we use in our cutting houses where we grow commercial blueberry and citrus.  
And use our MLS-231 installed upside down.  There is an on off valve so you can adjust the spray our shut it off.  
   To install these Mister Risers, use one of our punch tools to make a hole in the ½” Poly .  MLA-51 # 71223 and it comes with some goof plugs in case you change your mind  

Use on of our  ½”poly elbows MLF-35 #81284 to run down the wall  
and then a hose fitting MLF-33 # 71219   or    to run a water hose over to a faucet.  

To end the ½” Poly Tubing you could use either our ½” End Crimper MLA-50 # 71222    or our End Fitting with a removable cap MLF-ENDCAP #320752.  

Please let me know if you have any questions on any of this.