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MLWT-ELEC valve won't close

Posted: one year ago Quote
The timer will not stop allowing water through the system when it is off. The "valve" doesn't seem to close. Plus water leaks through the weep holes on the back/bottom of the unit. What can I do? The timer is about a year old and was only used briefly last summer (a couple of months).
Posted: one year ago Quote
My Mister Timer does not work (new model Mlwt-timer)
Bought it today at Lowes, inserted brand new batteries, programmed it, connected it following instructions and turned it on and when water facet was turned on the water began flowing to the plants even though it was outside the scheduled watering time.  
Even disconnected the end of the line to see if it was only the water pressure that was causing plants to be watered.
The water gushed out. That was not the cause.
See pictures attached.
Yes Sam
Posted: one year ago Quote
Hi Yessam,
If you have our MLWT-TIMER here is a suggestion:
The valves are held together magnetically.  We are finding that in transit the vibration is causing some to open. The problem can be resolve by following the steps below:

•  Turn the Program - OFF. Scroll to Manual and turn it - ON  (hear a click)  Turn Manual – OFF (hear a click) Turn the Program back ON

If you continue to have a problem please let us know directly so we can replace your timer at
Thank you!