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Clogged Dripper

Posted: 3 years ago Quote
Good news and Bad news.

Good News: If you have one of our Adjustable Drippers MLD-ADB, Adjustable Dripper Stakes MLD-STA or Flag Drippers MLD-FLAG you can easily take them apart and clean out any debris.

Bad News: If you have any of our other Drippers you will have to replace them.  We do apologize for this inconvenience but it is the nature of these Drippers.

We highly suggest to use a Filter like our MLFF-41 off your water source with all Drippers and especially if you are coming off a well or have a water supply that is not real clear.
Posted: 3 years ago Quote
unless it is clogged with debris other than water scale, soaking them in vinegar may clear them out.  The water is hard where I live, and everything from showerheads to the dishwasher needs periodic vinegar treatments.
Posted: 3 years ago Quote
Vinegar is a great idea for cleaning!  Have not tried it with our drippers but know it has worked with the micro sprays that have had build up in the orifices.  Thanks for the suggestion!
Have a great day!