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Where to get Mr Landscaper parts?

Posted: one year ago Quote
Good evening!

I am a new customer and got a kit to get started...  I'm not ready yet to get my next kit to start my next section but I do need one more Stake Sprayer...  I thought I'd seen somewhere that Lowes carries these products but I went there yesterday and they didn't have a single item from your selections...

Is there anywhere else that carries your products so that I can get just the one sprayer without having to order threw the web site and wait for it?

Posted: one year ago Quote
Thanks James   We do sell to Lowe's from Texas to East stores and located in the Rough Plumbing section.  Sorry they don’t carry us in HI and don’t have another retailer to send you to.  Very appreciative you have ordered from our web site!
Have a great summer and thank you for your business!!