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I live in central Texas near Houston. How much to water, how often?

Posted: 9 months ago Quote
I realize conditions varry greatly, but I am wondering where to start when setting up my timer.  How often and how long should I water my vegetable garden?  Also, I saw statements that the Mister Landscaper brand timers ran through batteries quickly.  Has this issue been delt with or should I try another brand timer?
Thank you for any suggestions you can share.
Posted: 9 months ago Quote
Hi Lani,
Thank you for taking the time to write us! Yes, we had an issue with our Latest timer, MLWT-TIMER, but the problem has been fixed. We found that 1% were having issues. If you happen to purchase this item, we have an 7 year warranty on this unit!

General Watering Tips:
Depending on climate, region, soil type, garden position and variety of the vegetable, in general, veggies need about 1” to 2” of water weekly.  
The best time to water your vegetables is in the morning. This ensures the water is fully absorbed by the soil and roots. Watering in the heat of the midday sun can shock hot plants and burn their leaves. The water is also likely to evaporate rather than be absorbed by the plant (meaning it will have to be watered more often). Watering at night can attract slugs and lead to the onset of diseases (such as mildew and black spot). Make sure you water your plants thoroughly. A thorough soak will penetrate the soil’s surface and ensure your plant is well nourished.  When planning your plot you should consider grouping the thirstiest vegetables in the same area to make watering them easier. Some larger gardens can benefit from an irrigation system (drip or micro irrigation)– particularly useful if you plan to be away on vacation during crucial summer months.

We stand by are products and we appreciate you concidering using our products!

Dianne and the Mr.L Team