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Mister Landscaper is in the news!

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Hi Everyone,
If you follow this link you can see the cool article we are apart of along with Augme, our Mobile Web Site Experts!
Have a great day!

Mister Landscaper opts for on-package QR codes and SMS call to action
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Nice article.
I have a hard time understanding why I never heard of your product! I've read here of some who say they put it in 20 yrs. ago!!
When the wife and I went into Lowe's, thinking to buy regular sprinklers, we saw this and were blown away. We almost missed it all together!
Lowe's is not doing your product any favors by hiding it. We were literally standing next to it for 20 mins or so while trying to figure which in ground sprinkler heads to get. I thought it was just drip irrigation. I just happen to catch a picture on the kit box which got my attention. Otherwise we may have missed it all together!

Awesome product ..... get bigger signs!! Make Lowe's carry your FULL line ... all sprays, connectors .... and flow control. I know you carry on your site but I really don't want to order $4 and spend that much on shipping as well.
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Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions!!  We really appreciate you taking the time to do this and for purchasing our products!!
Have a great day!
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This is a great product!  I just got one kit a couple weeks ago, figured out how to hook up to pvc to have it run on a multi zone sprinkler timer with 4 zones and separate valves for each zone...

I just ordered another kit to get my second zone up and running as soon as it gets here :)

Eventually I'll have all 4 zones running with your products!  I can't wait, it's so easy to use and setup everything!  I really think you guys should make a deal with Lowes, home depot, or another company like that to get distribution better...  I went to lowes by me, and the guy I spoke with had no clue who you guys were and suggested I us Rain Bird products, but I like you guys and ordered more of yours...  I just hope you get a better distribution then direct mail order :)

Would love to be able to run down to the local store to buy a new sprayer or dripper or anything else...

Mahalo and Aloha from Hawaii!
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Thanks James for your comments and support!  We do sell to Lowe's from Texas to East stores and located in the Rough Plumbing section.  Sorry they don’t carry in in HI and very glad you have ordered from our web site!
Have a great summer and thank you for your business!!