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  • Large electronic display for easy setting and reading

  • Manual override and rain delay options,

  • Can be set to water from 1 to 240 minutes at a time, up to 6 times a day

  • Battery "low" indicator

  • 7 year warranty

  • The Mister Landscaper Electronic Mister Timer is easy to read, set, and change. View your entire program at a single glance and water up to six times a day.

  • It's simple to use and is the perfect addition to any Mister Landscaper micro sprinkler or drip irrigation system. 

  • This timer can be programmed and installed in just a few short minutes. Use the simple "Up/Down" and "Plus/Minus" Keys to quickly scroll through and create all your settings. And changing or overriding those settings is just as easy. There are no complicated layers. All your settings are right in front of you the entire time.

  • The Electronic Mister Timer is Mister Landscaper's latest generation of timers, and the changes and updates are fantastic. Enjoy automatic watering at its easiest with the Electronic Mister Timer.

  • Two AA alkaline batteries (not included) are required for this timer.


When installing any irrigation system it is important to be aware of manufacturer recommendations and potential system limitations. Please be aware of the following:

  • The Electronic Mister Timer must always be the first thing attached to the faucet in any Mister Landscaper system. Regulators, Filters, Backflow Prevention Valves, and any other adapters will always be installed after the timer. 

  • When winterizing your system, completely remove the Electronic Mister Timer and store inside. 

  • Minimum water pressure to open the timer valve is 20 PSI. Maximum water pressure should not exceed 80 PSI.

  • Rechargable batteries are not recommended.



For Technical Support call 877-283-0697 Ext. 129 or email misterlandscaper@melnor.com.


Digital Mister Timer
Material Commercial Grade Plastic
Color Black with Gray & Green Accents
Inlet Type 3/4-in Female Hose Thread
Outlet Type 3/4-in Male Hose Thread
Display Type Digital
Battery Type Alkaline
Programmable Yes
Rain Delay Yes
Interval Settings Yes
Minimum Water Pressure 20 PSI
Maximum Water Pressure 80 PSI
In The Box
Common Question
How To
How To Get Started
Click the links below to find out how easy it is to get started with Mister Landscaper.
It’s So Simple
It’s easy to see why switching from high-volume irrigation to low-volume irrigation makes sense. But what makes Mister Landscaper the best choice? Here’s just a partial list of what makes us stand out from the crowd and why getting started with micro spray and drip irrigation couldn’t be easier.
Mister Landscaper low-volume irrigation uses up to 50% less water than traditional irrigation!
Connects to any outdoor faucet
Up to 50 landscape stake assemblies can be run from a single outdoor faucet.
Requires no gluing
Fittings are easy to assemble and seal without any priming or gluing.
Requires no digging
The 1/2-in poly tubing is made to withstand the elements. Leave the tubing on top or cover it with mulch.
Installation is fast
Most kits can be installed in under 30 minutes.
Flexible and expandable
Add on to your system as your landscaping grows. Redesign and reconfigure as your needs change.
Parts are reusable
1/2-in poly locking collar fittings are all removable and reusable.
Commercial-grade materials
Mister Landscaper parts are made of commercial-grade materials that will last in all climates, through all seasons.
Success and experience
For more than 30 years our products have been performing successfully in the field, residentially and commercially.
Drip Irrigation or Micro Sprays
Getting started with Mister Landscaper is easy to do whether you choose drip irrigation, micro sprays or a combination of the two. All you need is an outdoor water faucet and a little bit of time - typically less than an hour. That said, there are differences between drip irrigation and micro sprays that one should be aware of to design the very best system possible. Below are the lists of advantages and potential disadvantages to each.
Drip Irrigation Pros
  • Drippers tend to have a lower profile compared to micro sprays. They are not as conspicuous in the landscaping.
  • On average, a dripper uses only 1-2 gallons of water per hour. That is less than a micro spray.
  • Drippers can be used where some micro sprays cannot, as in the case of smaller potted plants and hanging baskets.
  • Drippers can be more efficient at watering individual plants.
Drip Irrigation Cons
  • Because by design drippers emit such a small amount of water, it can be difficult to see or know when a dripper is clogged. In some cases a plant may go into wilt or die before a problem is detected.
  • Drippers are not as easily unclogged as micro sprays.
  • Because they emit less water, an increased number of drippers are potentially needed to cover the same amount of area as a single micro spray. This could lead to increased installation time and cost.
Micro Spray Irrigation Pros
  • Micro sprays are significantly more adjustable than drippers, from size and shape of spray pattern to gallons per hour used.
  • A single micro spray can easily cover multiple plants, while a dripper is much more limited in scope.
  • Because micro spray patterns are clearly visible, detecting a clog or a problem with the line is much easier.
  • Clogged micro sprays and flow controllers are easily cleaned for simple, hassle-free maintenance.
  • Micro sprays can cool plants and efficiently water them at the same time.
Micro Spray Irrigation Cons
  • Micro sprays have a larger profile and may be more visible in the landscape.
Soil Type Considerations
One thing to consider when choosing between drip irrigation and micro spray irrigation is soil type. Some soils are better suited for drippers and some soils are better suited for micro sprays. Here is a simple jar test to help determine your soil type. Begin by taking a soil sample from the area you wish to irrigate. Take that dirt and fill a glass jar approximately halfway (Fig. A). Now fill the jar the rest of the way with water (Fig. B). Finally, place the lid and shake the jar well (Fig. C).
Now let the jar rest for 24 hours. Once the soil settles, the results can be classified in one of three ways: sand, loam, or clay. Use the chart below (Fig. D) to help determine your soil type and which kind of irrigation might be best for your situation. Note: Contact your local county extension agency for best watering practices in your area.
Clearly, there are some applications where one type is more suitable than the other. But, there are a number of applications where either is perfectly acceptable. At the end of the day, it’s all about creativity. Know and understand the benefits of each micro spray and dripper and design a system that works for you and your garden or landscape.
Micro Sprays
With micro sprays, one of the big advantages is coverage. With a single starter kit (MLK-81) you can cover up to 250 square feet! But within that coverage there is a lot of flexibility, especially in the way of spray pattern selection. Some of the micro sprays are great for large and small area general purpose watering. But there are several micro sprays designed with specific purposes in mind (Fig. E).
Note the various options and their potential uses.
Diameter: Up to 12-ft
Large Full-Circle Spinner
Ideal for general purpose watering in large open areas.
Diameter: Up to 6-ft
320º Fan Spray
Suitable for general purpose watering in small areas.
Radius: Up to 5-ft
End Strip Spray
Used in small confined areas or to limit overspray in adjoining spaces.
Diameter: Up to 7-ft
Small Full-Circle Spinner
Ideal for general purpose watering in more compact areas.
Radius: Up to 5-ft
180º Half-Circle Spray
General purpose. Idealy used near the edges of landscapes and gardens.
Radius: Up to 5-ft
Center Strip Spray
Highly directional. Perfect for long, narrow areas of landscaping.
Diameter: Up to 16-ft
360º Stream Flat Spray
Large spray pattern is great for broad, open areas.
Radius: Up to 5-ft
165º Half-Circle Spray
Half-circle spray keeps water off siding and side walks.
Diameter: Up to 6-ft
360º Stream Down Spray
Ideal for rose gardens. Keeps water off foliage and petals.
Radius: Up to 5-ft
90° Quarter Circle Spray
Ideal for use in tight interior 90º corners.
Drippers tend to be a bit more specialized. Use them in places where a micro spray may be overkill or where you prefer a lower profile. Mister Landscaper Add-A-Drippers (MLD-AAD) are perfect for creating tree rings (Fig. F). Adjustable dripper stakes (MLD-STA) are excellent for potted plants of all sizes (Fig. G). PC (pressure compensating) drippers (MLD-.5PC, MLD-PC1, MLD-2PC) are great for hanging baskets and general use (Fig. H). And drip tubing works well in row gardens (Fig. I).
Whatever your irrigation needs, Mister Landscaper is sure to have a solution. And help is always just a phone call or email away
(863-439-3200, Email Mister Landscaper).
Getting Started
By far, the easiest way to get started with Mister Landscaper is by installing a kit. Whether you have landscape flowers, patio plants or a row garden, there is a kit to help you get going (MLK-INTRO). The Micro Sprinkler Landscape & Shrub Kit, available with green stakes (MLK-81) or tan stakes (MLK-82T), covers up to 250 square feet of landscape and garden area (Fig. A). Your patio plants can benefit from micro spray or drip irrigation with one of the kits designed for potted plants: The Patio & Potted Plant Drip Watering Kit (MLK-PWK) or the Micro Spray Pot Stake Kit (MLK-POT) (Fig. B). And row gardens are easily irrigated utilizing the 1/4-in in-line drip tubing found in the Vegetable Garden Drip Kit (MLK-VEG) (Fig. C). But don’t stop there, most kits are expandable and they really are just the beginning!
Micro Sprinkler Beginner’s Kit
Micro Sprinkler Land scape & Shrub Kit
Micro Sprinkler Land scape & Shrub Kit (Tan)
Patio & Potted Plant Drip Irrigation Kit
Micro Spray Pot Stake Kit
Vegetable Garden Drip Kit
Starting From Scratch
Of course, if you are the adventurous type, here are the basics for getting started without a kit: Begin with a Backflow Valve (MLF-31) (Fig. D). Next install a 1/2-in Poly Faucet Fitting (MLF-33) for use with 1/2-in poly tubing (MLT-72) (Fig. E), or a 1/4-in Vinyl Faucet Adapter (MLA-FAS) for use with 1/4-in vinyl tubing (MLT-B30) (Fig. F). From there, use 1/2-in poly fittings (MLF-34, MLF-35, MLF-36) and/or 1/4-in vinyl fittings (MLT-ATE) to customize the layout of your system. Finally, end a 1/2-in poly line with an End Crimper (MLA-50) (Fig. E)
With 1/2-in poly tubing: Micro sprays, micro spray pot stakes (Fig. G), drippers, adjustable drippers, adjustable dripper stakes, and drip tubing can all be run (Fig. H).
With 1/4-in Vinyl tubing: Drippers, adjustable dripper stakes, drip tubing, and micro spray pot stakes can be run (Fig. I)
Regulators, Filters, and Timers
We highly recommend the use of our Pressure Regulator (MLD-25PR) and Faucet Filter (MLFF-41) when installing drip irrigation. And for automatic watering, we recommend our Automatic Mister Timer (MLWT-TIMER). Sometimes, when a number of accessories are used, the order of installation can be confusing. Here’s a quick guide to help: At any faucet, always begin with the timer (Fig. J). Next, install the backflow prevention valve (Fig. K). Then the pressure regulator is installed, followed by the filter (Fig. L). From there, installation is standard: Use either the 1/2-in Poly Faucet Hose Fitting to connect 1/2-in poly tubing or the 1/4-in Barbed Faucet Adapter to connect 1/4-in vinyl tubing. For a printable guide, download the What Goes First PDF.
Connecting to PVC
If you currently have an underground PVC system and would like to use Mister Landscaper with that system, go to How to Retrofit a PVC System.
Drip Irrigation or Micro sprays
Even if you have an existing high-volume PVC system in place, Mister Landscaper has made it easy to convert to low-volume irrigation. There are two basic ways to retrofit your system. Option one allows you to replace a single sprinkler head with a sprinkler converter. With this option, you are swapping one sprinkler for up to nine micro sprays or drippers. In option two, a single sprinkler head is replaced by a system converter. With this option, you are swapping one sprinkler for an entire micro spray or drip irrigation system. Here’s how it works:
Option One: Sprinkler Converters
Select the appropriate adapter - From one to four outlets (Fig. A) - and replace your existing high-volume irrigation head with drippers or micro sprays (Fig. B).
For up to nine outlets from a single PVC riser, use the MLA-RA9 (Fig. C). The MLA-RA9 has a built-in 25 PSI pressure regulator, and each outlet has its own shut-off valve. Unused outlets can also be capped if desired.
One of our unique adapters is the MLA-SPR1. The MLA-SPR1 actually works in conjunction with a high-volume sprinkler head. This adapter allows a single 1/4-in line to be run from a PVC riser where a high-volume sprinkler head is also being used (Fig. D).
Option Two: System Converters
Select the appropriate adapter. Replace the existing sprinkler head (Fig. E), then connect 1/2-in poly tubing (Fig. F) Now run micro sprays through your landscape or garden (Fig. G).
For drippers, we recommend adding a pressure regulator (MLD-25PR) and faucet filter (MLFF-41, MLFF-150). Retrofitting with these accessories requires a 1/2-in PVC to 3/4-in Hose Thread Adapter (MLA-P2HTE). Replace the existing sprinkler head (This may require a PVC threaded coupler)(Fig. H). Next, connect the pressure regulator and filter (Fig. I). Now connect a 1/2-in Poly Faucet Hose Fitting and run 1/2-in Poly tubing and drippers through your landscape or garden (Fig. J).



Return Policy:

All items are covered by a money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with any of the Mister Landscaper products.

Warranty Information

Mister Landscaper, Inc., warrants, to the original purchaser only (this product) (all products listed in the "Catalog") shall be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This limited warranty includes a warranty against deterioration from exposure to direct sunlight. Normal discoloration may occur under such circumstances, but will not affect the performance of the product during the warranty period. This warranty is void and shall not apply to any product that is misused or not maintained properly, nor to any product not manufactured by Mister Landscaper, Inc., even if used in conjunction with Mister Landscaper products. No seller, distributor, agent or other persons has the authority to waive, alter, expand or supplement the express provisions of this limited warranty.

Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy hereunder shall be to return the defective product within the warranty period, along with satisfactory proof of purchase, (provide physical address, attn: Warranty Department). Upon confirmation by Mister Landscaper, Inc., that the product is defective and subject to this limited warranty, Mister Landscaper, Inc., as its option, shall repair or replace the product without additional charge to the purchaser.

There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face hereof, and Mister Landscaper, Inc., specifically disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Mister Landscaper, Inc., be liable for damages of any kind, including, without limitation, any special indirect, incidental or consequential damages even if Mister Landscaper, Inc., has been advised of the possibilities of such. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you, the purchaser. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you, the purchaser, may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Producy Review

Product reviews for MisterTimer

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Great - But needs On/Off Switch
Timer is great, more sturdy than previous.  It's much easier to program.  And it looks better.  
However, it "wakes-up" with a touch and it's very easy for little fingers to change the time, or other settings.

If it was just a tad harder to turn it on, I'd give it an "EXCELLENT"!
From: David | Date: 5/1/2012 7:49 AM
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Great Timer
I installed this timer about a year ago and it works great.  It was easy to program and it hasn't skipped a beat.
From: Robin | Date: 2/16/2015 3:38 PM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (2/0)
Great timer, easy to use
Got this to use for my vegetable garden. makes watering a snap. It was simple to set up and I haven't had a problem.
From: Jeremy | Date: 6/27/2015 6:59 PM
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