Customer Testimonials
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I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with your products. I first found the kits last year (I think I saw an ad in a magazine). I am an amateur gardener with more ambition than time. So when I do have time to spend in the garden, I need to be pretty efficient. Your kits allow me to do that. They are so well-designed!! I put in 3 systems last year and have expanded them this year. I have a 1/4 inch on the back deck for the potted plants, and now I have 1/2 inch systems all around the house. This year, we redid the deck and reworking the system was a breeze. With only 3 hose bibs on an acre of land, it has always been a challenge to water. We've lost many plants over the years because of it, and I was reluctant to plant anything that needed consistent water, like tomatoes. Now I don't hesitate. Your systems make me feel like a professional - and my plants are flourishing because of it. Thank you for putting so much thought into the features needed by the home gardener!
Cheryl Sattler