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We have a 3/4 acre lot with not a blade of grass. It is old forest with "some" sunshine openings. It is also completely sloping (with the exception of a small space in front of the house) -- and every watering approach I've tried simply resulted in total run-off. Saw this system on the internet and thought that with a "mist" perhaps I could get some water into the ground. Started last year, and it worked just great! Have kept the water running for over 4 hours -- and not one sign of run-off. Now have 550 feet of 1/2 inch poly tubing and 400 feet of 1/4 inch -- with almost 100 mister stakes. Found that having more than 30 stakes on a line reduced the pressure too much. So now have "Y" switches making 5 individual lines and lots of pressure. Great system and great products. Also appreciate that the supply of "small" pieces is adequate so that we can make adjustments and additions.
Elwood Shoemaker