Customer Testimonials
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I did my first Mister landscaper project about 7 years ago using drippers for in-ground plants. This year, I did two more installations with misters for flower beds. I do lots of home projects and am usually disappointed with the quality of most DIY products, but your has been the clear exception - I'm a huge fan of your products. Extremely easy to install, use, and maintain; works exactly as described; and I've never had a glitch of any sort. After some tough Upstate New York winters, my original system fires right up every spring with no problems whatsoever. My new system was a pleasure to set up: 100' of 1/2 tubing and 20 sprayers, installed, buried under mulch, and working beautifully the first time, all in just a few hours. Keep up the great work; it's a great pleasure to find a company producing a product that works exactly as advertised. Thanks! Jim
Jim Dance