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Watering Tips

Minimize evaporation by watering during the early morning hours, when temperatures are cooler and winds are lighter.

Save water by irrigating your yard during the coolest part of the day.

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   Layout Your System

There are a number of ways to layout a Mister Landscaper system and a number of products that will help you water your plants where you want and in the way you want. There are micro spray kits like the MLK-81 and the MLK-POT. And there are also drip kits like the MLK-VEG and the MLK-PWK. Or, for complete customization, you can build a system from scratch. The following will help you determine what will best meet your irrigation needs.

(Above) MLK-81: Water up to 250 square feet of landscapes and gardens with this kit. It includes five stake assemblies and all the parts needed to get your system running.



(Above) MLK-VEG: This kit is ideal for vegetables or any kind of row garden. It can water up to 100 linear feet and includes everything needed to get the system running.


(Above) MLK-POT / MLK-PWK: These two kits are ideal for watering porch and patio potted plants. The MLK-POT comes with eight spray stakes. The MLK-PWK comes with eight dripper stakes. Both come with everythong needed to get the systems up and running.



Layout Details

Maximum number of Micro Spray Stake Assemblies is 50 per 300ft of 1/2" Poly Tubing if you have at least 40 psi at the faucet.  Each Stake uses 10gph, so that is a total of 500gph if they are running at full pressure - meaning around 25 psi at the very last one.  Typically if you tee at the faucet and run in 2 directions, you would have more water pressure at the ends of the line if you split the 300-foot run in 2 sections coming off the faucet.

Drippers: With a beginning water pressure of 25 psi, you can run 750ft of 1/2" poly using up to 500 of the .5 gph PC Drippers;  500ft of 1/2" poly using up to 250 of the 1gph PC Drippers; 250ft of our 1/2" Poly using up to 125 of the 2 gph PC Drippers; 240 ft of the 1/2" In Line Drip Tubing that has a 1gph PC Dripper every 12 inches; 12 runs of 33ft of our 1/4" In Line Drip Tubing that has a .5gph dripper every 12 inches running the lines off our 1/2" Poly; run 300ft of our 1/2" Poly using up to 40 to 45 of the Adjustable Drippers/Adjustable Dripper Stakes wide open max 10gph small spray. If they are turned down to just drip, then approx. 125 if they are dripping 2gph or less.

Drippers: Using 1/4" Vinyl as a main line versus using the 1/2" Poly Tubing, you can run up to 200ft of our 1/4" Vinyl with up to 25 of our 1/4" Tees with 25 of our .5gph PC Drippers.

It would be best if you could separate Drip and Micro because the Drip takes so long to disperse - like up to an hour - and the micro sprays usually only need around 20 - 30 minutes.

If you need to combine them, try to keep the total water around 500gph on a max 300ft run.

Choosing Micro Sprays OR Drippers To Water Landscapes

Micro Sprays benefits: See the spray pattern, easy to maintain, pre-assembled stakes, and easy to install - just snap a hole into 1/2" Poly, insert Flow Controller, thread in mister spray pattern of choice.  Use on all types of soil and water just about any plant or tree you can think of. Very low water use of 10gph with great coverage of root zone.

Dripper Benefit:  Better for clay soil types, very slow watering, hidden in most landscapes, no wind deflection.
(Little more effort to install, not pre-assembled, need to install several to cover the root zone.)

Using soil type to help in choosing Drip or Micro-Sprinklers to water plants, shrubs, trees,  landscapes and gardens.  Use this checklist below to help you decide which to use for these soil types:

Easy jar test to find your soil type:
  1. Fill a large jar 1/2 with soil, then fill rest with clean water. 
  2. Shake well, then let sit 24 hours or so and take look at what type of soil you have.
  Sand Loam Clay
Micro Irrigation Best Better Good
Drippers Not So Good Good Better

 **General suggestion.  For best watering duration cycle information, contact local county extension agents.

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