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Watering Tips

Minimize evaporation by watering during the early morning hours, when temperatures are cooler and winds are lighter.

Use irrigation zones to water different areas in different ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Watering Tip Turn on the water before installing your Stake Assemblies or Drippers. Allow a gentle flow of water through your system to allow any debris to wash out before ending your system. This will help prevent clogging the emitters.



  If a Micro Spray Mister becomes clogged, first check the black/purple flow controller at the end of your Stake Assembly. Simply twist apart and check the hole. If this is not the problem, unscrew the Mister and use a pin to clean it out. The MLA-Tool comes with a cleaning tool for making this job simple.



Watering Tip To make rolling out your 1/2" Poly Tubing even easier, hook up to faucet as the directions instruct and put the end fitting on the end of the line, closing off the water. The tubing will fill up with water, making it heavier and easier to unroll. Another tip is to sit the coil of 1/2" Poly Tubing in the sun for 20 minutes. This will also help make rolling it out easier. The last tip is after attaching to faucet, place a 1/2" Support Stake (MLA-57) every 6 to 8'  by snapping it onto the 1/2" Poly, then push it into the ground to securely hold the tubing while you continue to unroll the coil through your landscapes.



Watering Tip To make the installation easier for any of our 1/2" Poly Locking Collar Fittings, first put a dab of olive oil onto a paper towel or tissue. Next, wipe the olive oil inside of the hole of the 1/2" Poly tubing. This will make pushing the end of the 1/2" Poly Tubing onto the built in O-ring of the fitting very easy!



Watering Tip To make the installation of any of the 1/4" Couplers, Tees, Elbows, Drippers, Goof Plugs, or 1/4" Valves into 1/4" Vinyl or 1/4" PE even easier, just dip the end of the Vinyl or PE into a cup of very warm water until the Vinyl is warm. Or if you can use the Installation Tool (MLA-TOOL), it can be used as leverage to push the Vinyl onto the 1/4" Barbs. This is especially helpful if you have arthritis or weakened hand strength. Or a dab of cooking oil on a paper towel, rub the outside of the adapter and slide tubing on.



 Picture of 50 PSI Hose Threaded Pressure Regulator Use a pressure regulator (MLA-58 or MLD-25) if your water pressure is too high. This will help prevent the Stake Assemblies, Drippers, and 1/4" Fittings from blowing out of the Vinyl or 1/2" Poly Tubing.



Watering Tip Adding a timer (MLWT-TIMER) to your Micro Sprinkler or Drip System will allow you to have a peace of mind when traveling, going on vacations, or just too busy to turn it on.



  During winter months, remove your timer and store it inside. This will keep the mechanical parts from freezing and breaking.



  You can leave your system out year-round! To winterize your system, undo the end fitting and allow water to drain out. It does not have to be completely empty of water.



Watering Tip Hook up a "Birdbath Dripper Kit" (MLK-BBKT). You will never have to fill up your bird bath again! And the birds will love you for this! Hooks directly into your 1/2" poly.



Watering Tip If you have a window box or flower pot that needs water, simply unscrew your existing sprinkler head and screw on a MLA-SPR1. You can now run a line of 1/4" Vinyl with a Dripper to your plant.



Watering Tip For seasonal plants or veggies, you can turn off specific Micro Sprinklers by turning off the on/off valve on each Stake Assembly or shut off a whole line of 1/4" Drip Tubing.



  Remember to adjust your Timer during the rainy season. This will avoid over-watering your plants and save gallons of water!



  Inspect  your system regulary to make sure it is running properly. Check for leaks, position of sprays, etc. You may find that as your plants grow, you may want to add more Micro Sprays or Drippers. It is a good idea to always have your punch tool and extra Stake Assemblies or Drippers on hand!



  Perhaps you would like to cool off your pet's kennel. Hooking up Micro Spray Misters is a great way to keep your pets cool during the hot summer months.



  The MLM-05 and MLM-404  are excellent Mister choices for Green Houses. The MLM-05 will give you a small 5-6 ft. pattern with heavier droplets.  The MLM-404 with just the Green "G" shaped micro spray gives you a 320 degree small 5-6 ft. Fan pattern that is more of a mist with smaller droplet size. You can either thread these directly into our 1/2" poly or use our MLM-231 Mister Riser. If you decide you want to run 1/2" PVC pipe, you would want to use our MLA-54 Shrub adapter.

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