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Micro-Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation evenly waters the root of each plant and tree promoting healthier growth.

Watering the right amount for each plant will help save water.

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My Mister won't spray!

The Backflow Prevention Valve is leaking!

My Pressure Regulator is leaking!

My Pressure Regulator doesn't reduce pressure!

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Problem: My Mister won't spray!
Solution: Occasionally, during installation, the Mister and/or Violet Flow Controller may become clogged with debris. Use a small paper clip or needle to unclog the Mister's orifice. To clean the Violet Flow ControllerPicture of 10 GPH Violet Flow Controlled PC Coupler simply twist the two halves apart

and clean it (be careful not to lose the diaphragm), and then rejoin the two halves. You may also experience clogging if you have hard or dirty water. In this case, the cleaning procedures are the same. However, to prevent future clogging, use the Mister Landscaper screen filter

  (MLFF-41)Picture of 150 Mesh In-Line FILTER w/ 3/4' Hose Threadsor the  (MLFF-150).


Problem: The Backflow Prevention Valve is leaking!
Solution: Picture of Back-Flow Prevention Valve w/ 3/4" Hose ThreadsThe Backflow Prevention Valve was designed with relief holes to reduce pressure and prevent water from flowing back into the pipes once the water is shut off. When the water supply is turned off at a faucet, negative pressure or a vacuum is formed. Without the Backflow Prevention Valve installed, water can be suctioned back into your pipes. With the Backflow Prevention Valve, when this water is pulled, it is allowed to flow out the relief holes and not back into your home. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Another cause for a leaking Backflow Prevention Valve is incorrect placement. If the valve is mistakenly placed before a timer, and the system is not active, water will leak from the relief holes. Because a faucet must be left open for a timer to work, too much pressure is placed on the valve. If a timer is used, it must always be installed first. This is then followed by the Backflow Valve.  Inspect regulary for leaks.


Problem: My Pressure Regulator is leaking!
Solution: Picture of 50 PSI Hose Threaded Pressure RegulatorBoth the 25 and 50 PSI Pressure Regulators are designed with a single air vent in the side of the casing. This air vent allows a diaphragm inside the regulator to function correctly. Typically, the only time water would leak from this hole is if the regulator has been installed in the wrong order. If a regulator is installed before the timer, the pressure build-up can be too great when the system is not running and can cause the air vents to leak. If a timer is used, it must always be installed first. This is then followed by the Pressure Regulator.   On rare occasion, dirt or debris might get caught up in the diaphragm. To clean it, simply remove the pressure regulator and backwash using a hose. Inspect system regulary.


Problem: My Pressure Regulator doesn't reduce pressure!
Solution: The Pressure Regulators are designed to reduce pressure ONLY when the system is running. So if, by chance, you test the Regulator with a pressure gauge and get a reading higher than expected, it's because water is not being allowed to flow continually through the regulator. If a gauge is placed directly after the Pressure Regulator, the flow of water stops at the gauge, the Regulator's diaphragm opens and the pressure is equalized on both sides of the device. Thus, giving a reading consistent with the home's normal water pressure.


Problem:  My Drippers Are Blowing Out!
Solution:  Not to worry. This is an easy fix. When drippers are used with a 25 PSI Pressure Regulator (MLD-25PR)—as they always should be—and are installed correctly, you should never have an issue with blowouts. Generally, when blowouts are expereinced, it's because the drippers have been installed backwards. Follow this link to view a PDF instructional on how to install drippers in 1/2" Poly and using 1/4" Vinyl. 


Problem: The tops of my Adjustable Drippers and Dripper Stakes are blowing off!
Solution: Picture of Adjustable Dripper StakesThe main feature of Adjustable Drippers and Dripper Stakes is that their flow rates are easily adjusted from a 1 GPH drip up to a 10 GPH small 8-stream spray. Adjusting the flow up and down only requires a simple turn of the topPicture of MLD-STACAP. However, if the top is over-rotated, the water pressure can become too great and result in the top blowing off. The simple solution to this is to be aware of how much you've rotated the top. Follow this link to view an instructional PDF on how to accurately set GPH output on your Adjustable Drippers and Dripper Stakes. But if by chance you've already lost a top or two-no worries! We've got replacements here.


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