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Watering Tips

Make sure you have a rain shut-off device and/or a soil moisture device on your automatic irrigation system to eliminate unnecessary watering.

Saturate the root zones and let the soil dry to promote longer roots, healthier plants, and fewer deseases and less fungus.

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Conserve Water Today For Tomorrow’s Generations

Water. Agua. Neeru. Biyo. No matter how you say it or where you live - what state, what country, what continent - it always means the same thing - life. Where there’s water, there’s life. 
Water is one of the world's most precious natural resources and is one of the foundational supports on which all of life is built. Without water, we couldn’t live. Unfortunately, our supply is limited, yet we waste thousands of gallons every day. If we don’t do something to change our water-wasting habits, the world we know today might not be the world we have tomorrow. It’s not too late to make a difference. But we have to start now.
With record-breaking droughts and tighter water restrictions, Mister Landscaper is committed to helping make people more water-conscious decisions and placing tools in their hands that can help make a difference in our future. It is important that we all continue to do our part in conserving this precious resource.
By using Micro-Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Systems to water landscapes and gardens, you can reduce over-watering, inefficient watering, weed growth, and the costly time and labor involved in hand watering or using underground PVC irrigation systems. Please do your part to conserve water as we here at Mister Landscaper strive to continually design and innovate high-quality low-volume irrigation products.

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