Part # MLS-V10-100
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100-Count Bag of New Flow Restrictors

Use this NEW Flow Restrictor to replace the OLD version Flow Controllers on on the Micro Stake Assemblies so that each Micro Spray will use a more consistent GPH. Use to replace the damaged viloet flow controllers on the CURRENT AND OLDER VERSION of the Micro-Stake Assemblies

To install, push the slanted angle barbed end into the 1/4-in Vinyl Tubing and then push the blunt barbed end with a small orifice into the 1/2-in Poly Tubing

This NEW Flow Restrictor does not need an internal diaphragm to help keep water flow consistent at various water pressures. The Flow Restrictor allows you to install more Micro-Stake Assemblies per run.  With a beginning water pressure of 40-50 PSI you can run up to 40 of our Micro-Stake Assemblies with a consistent flow of 9 to 11 GPH per each Micro Spray (or 13 to 15 GPH with less than 25 Stake Assemblies).

In the event this NEW Flow Restrictor had a piece of debris block the orifice, simply pull the barbed end out of the 1/2-in Poly and use our new yellow Cleaning Tool or a small paper clip to clear the orifice, then push the barbed end back into the 1/2-in Poly Tubing. Next, unthread the Micro Spray from the top of the stake and turn on the water to flush the 1/4-in Vinyl of debris for a few seconds and then re-thread the Micro Spray back into the top of the stake.

(100 New Violet Flow Restrictors Per Bag)

Violet Flow Restrictors are Made in the USA


When installing any irrigation system it is important to be aware of manufacturer recommendations and potential system limitation.  Please be aware of the following:

Using a Pressure Regulator (MLD-25PR or MLA-58) at the faucet will help the diaphragm (MLS-DIA) from becoming clogged.

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