100' 1/2" In-Line Drip

Part # MLD-HDT100
100 feet of 1/2-in drip tubing with molded-in 1 GPH drippers.
Made in the USA
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This brown 1/2-in in-line drip tubing has a 1 GPH dripper molded into the 1/2-in tubing every 12 inches, which allows water to steadily drip out of both of the 2 holes on opposing sides of the embedded dripper to give a total of 1 GPH

As a lead in water supply to this 1/2-in in-line drip tubing use our 1/2-in poly tubing

Use any of our 1/2-in adapters with this 1/2-in in-line drip tubing

Tubing is made with UV blocking resins capable of withstanding years of exposure in any environment

1/2-in In-Line Drip Tubing is great for all sorts of landscape applications, but it's particularly well suited for use in row gardens

This product is flexible enough to be snaked around landscapes, wrapped around trees, and customized in any number of ways

Drippers and Drip Tubing can be covered with Mulch but we recommend NOT to bury them under the soil



When installing any irrgation system it is important to be aware of manufacturer recommendations and potential system limitations. Please be aware of the following:

A 25 PSI pressure regulator (MLD-25PR) and a faucet filter (MLFF-41) are highly recommended to be used first at the water source when using the 1/2 GPH in-line drip tubing



Run up to 240 total feet per zone with a 30-ft lead of 1/2-in Poly as the main line

1 full 240-ft run for hedging

8 runs up to 30-ft each for vegetable gardens

Minimum operating pressure for In-Line Drip Tubing: 5 to 7 PSI

Maximum operating pressure for In-Line Drip Tubing: 25 PSI





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