1/4-in Thread x Thread Adapters

Part # MLT-TXT
1/4-in Thread x Thread Adapters (QTY 5) Per Pack
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Includes 5 of the 1/4-in Thread X Thread Adapters

Use these 1/4-in Thread x Thread Adapters to replace damaged adapters on the bottom of our Stake Extensions (MLS-22).  Thread in the "fine threaded" side of this adapter directly into the bottom of the Stake Extension.  Use the "large threaded" side of this adapter to thread in to our 1/4-in vinyl tubing or 1/2-in poly tubing.  

Use our Stake Extension as an 8-in extender for our Micro-Stake Assemblies (MLS-211, MLS-BLA, MLS-TAN). Simply un-thread the mister (Micro Spray) from the top of your assembly and thread in your 8-in Extender into the top of the vinyl. This will allow you to increase the height of your 13" Stake Assembly to an additional 8 inches.  You can also use 2 Stake Extensions together by threading one extension into the other to allow you to raise the height of your Stake Assembly to another 16 in.



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