1/4-in Vinyl Elbow

1/4-in Vinyl Elbows (QTY 10)
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Use these 1/4-in Elbows (MLT-ELB< to run the 1/4-in Vinyl Tubing (MLT-B30< MLT-S20< MLT-B100B< MLT-T100B< MLT-W100B< and 1/4-in In-Line Drip Tubing (MLD-QDT100< around tight turns or in 90 degree corners.  Just cut your 1/4-in Vinyl and insert the 1/4-in Elbows where needed.

You can also use these 1/4-in Elbows to run our 1/4-in Vinyl down to a potted plant or basket. You can then install a Dripper Stake or Pot Stake into your potted plant. 

Use our All-In-One Tool (MLA-TOOL< to make installation of these 1/4-in Elbows easier.

These 1/4-in Elbows have barbed outlets.


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