1/4-in Vinyl Faucet Adapter

Part # MLA-FAS
1/4-in Vinyl to 3/4-in Faucet Adapter. (Qty 1)
Made in the USA
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Use this 3/4-in female hose thread fitting to attach 1/4-in vinyl tubing to any outdoor water faucet

Ergonomically designed to make installation easier and to create a secure fit based on your hand strength

Once this fitting is attached to a hose threaded water source you can attach the 1/4-in vinyl tubing

To attach the 1/4-in vinyl tubing push and twist the end of the vinyl onto and over the 1/4-in barb

(1 Vinyl Faucet Adapter Per Bag)



When installing any irrgation system it is important to be aware of manufacturer recommendations and potential system limitations. Please be aware of the following:

The timer (MLWT-1ZONE, MLWT-TWOZONE or MLWT-EGG) must always be the first thing attached to the faucet, then the backflow prevention valve (MLF-31),regulator (MLA-58 or MLD-25PR),filter (MLFF-41), and then the vinyl faucet adapter

If you find it difficult to get the 1/4-in vinyl tubing onto the fitting, use a little olive oil or vegetable oil by wiping it on the inside of the wall of 1/4-in tubing then push onto the adapter

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