25 Psi Regulator

Part # MLD-25PR
UPC: 720413800256
25 PSI Regulator for Dripper Irrigation Systems. (Qty 1) Use with Drippers and Drip tubing.
Made in the USA
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Use this 25 PSI pressure regulator when installing drippers with a faucet water pressure greater than 25 PSI to help prevent them from blowing out of tubing

Has 3/4-in female hose thread inlet and a 3/4-in male hose thread outlet

Designed with a single air vent hole in the side of the casing, this air vent allows a diaphragm inside the regulator to function correctly

On rare occasion,dirt or debris might get caught in the diaphragm, to clean it simply remove the pressure regulator and backwash using a hose

(1 Regulator Per Bag)



When installing any irrigation system it is important to be aware of manufacturer recommendations and potential system limitations. Please be aware of the following:

The timer (  MLWT-1ZONE, MLWT-TWOZONE or MLWT-EGG) must always be the first thing attached to the faucet, then the backflow prevention valve (MLF-31),regulator (MLA-58 or MLD-25PR),filter (MLFF-41), and then the poly faucet hose fitting(MLF-33) or vinyl faucet adapter (MLA-FAS)

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