9 Outlet Sprink Conver

9-outlet sprinkler converter to Micro & Drip Irrigation. (Qty 1 Adapter w/9 caps)
Made in the USA
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Use this 1/2-in female pipe thread x 1/4-in two barb outlet adapter to convert a sprinkler or shrub head from PVC to drip or micro spray irrigation

Each of the nine 1/4-in barbed outlets has a post that rotates left and right to open and close the flow of water.

This converter has a built-in 25 PSI regulator and filters to help keep debris from clogging the drippers

Also included are 9 caps to temporarily shut off water flow to any of the 1/4-in outlets that will not be used

When removing 1/4-in vinyl from the barbed outlets, we recommend that you cut it away and not attempt to pull it off. Alternatively you can leave a short piece of tubing connected to the outlet and stop it with a goof plug (MLA-51G< or redirect the line by using a 1/4-in coupler to connect a new piece of vinyl

(1 Sprinkler Converter / 9 Caps Per Bag)


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