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Plant more native-friendly plants and reduce the amount of turf grass in your yard.

Use irrigation zones to water different areas in different ways.

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Most of Our Products are Proudly Made in the USA!

Located in Dundee, FL, Mister Landscaper proudly manufactures innovative, high quality, water conserving irrigation products. Used by commercial farmers and growers for over 30 years around the world, this products has been truly tested! These low-volume Micro & Drip Irrigation products can save a minimum of 50% more water than conventional sprinklers and underground irrigation products. Built to last in the most extreme climates and requiring very littlie maintenance, you will be happy you chose "Mister Landscaper Products." We proudly engrave "made in the USA" on the products we make here in our factory. With your purchase today you are helping to keep jobs right here in America!

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