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So Easy I could do it
I don't know the first thing about setting up irrigation or gardening, but I wanted to start my own home garden and see if someone as organically challenged as me could do it.  This kit helped a lot.  It attached to my faucet and then setting it up was easy.  I got a little flustered at one point, then I looked at the directions and it cleared it up for me. My garden now has drip irrigation, and appears to be happy!
Sarah | 9/29/2011 12:08 PM
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Easy to use, install, and it works great!
Sarah | 10/18/2011 9:19 PM
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Early Seed Start
I was at Lowes looking for a watering sysytem to replace my current soaker hoses.  The problem with soaker hoses is they waste water and get brittle after time.  I then bought the last garden dripper at the checkout.  Very easy to install and you can lay out the drip hose any way you desire as it is very flexable.  My okra and squash germinated much faster.  Definately the best system for watering your garden or plants.  At the end of growing the drip hoses are very easy to move or coil up untl needed.
michael | 4/12/2012 9:00 AM
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Install before you plant
Was so excited when I finally bought vegi kit but when I tried installing it into my 4 raised beds (4'x8) was so disappointed. the drippers are 12" apart and I couldn't get a configuration that worked on my already planted veggies.
Would work fine if you preplan your garden layout. Next the is no marking on 1/4" line for the rate of which water is disbursed.
1/2" hose is a little trickey to lay out flat and would recommend buying the stakes to help hold it down.
Plummers tape(Teflon tape) is a must have before you assembly pieces to main water supply. For a better leak proof seal.
Hose are not easily payed out because of its tendency to want to curl back up.
Not all veggies require  12" spacing.
Isar | 6/18/2014 5:27 PM
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Just what my garden needed
This was simple to install.
Looked at the directions, got started and was finished in less than an hour.
It has been operating on a timer for about a week and my plants have never looked so good.
Good by to water wasting soaker hoses.
This is water saving, home, drip irrigation at its best.

As for the reviewer who recommended installing first.
Well, I planted first and when things didn't measure out PERFECTLY I improvised.
I went around some plants so that I could position the weepers better with a slightly tighter or wider arc; I used old garden stakes to hold the weepers where I wanted them; and finally I placed a strip of electrical tape over the 1 or 2 unneeded weepers.
Bill | 5/16/2016 3:41 PM
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Great kit for my garden!
I purchased this kit a year ago and was immediately impressed with how simple it was to set up a complete watering solution for my garden. I use this around my patio where I have shrubs, hostas and herbs in different areas and I am able to create just the right amount of watering for each application. I have added some items to the kit including a timer, a few more stakes and a few more types of heads and I am pleased with the versatility of all the accessories Mister Landscaper offers. I'll be expanding in to the front yard soon as well.
Jeffrey | 6/15/2018 4:30 PM
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