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Micro-Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation evenly waters the root of each plant and tree promoting healthier growth.

Use irrigation zones to water different areas in different ways.

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Since 1992, Mister Landscaper has partnered with Lowe's to bring you the highest quality, low-volume irrigation products available. We are proud of our long history with Lowe's, and to show it, we don't even mind bragging... just a little: In 2002 and 2006 we were honored with Supplier of the Year Awards for the Rough Plumbing Dept.

Mister Landscaper is located in the Rough Plumbing aisle typically where the Underground Sprinklers and Pipe are sold. Our products are distributed in over one thousand Lowe's stores across the country. Do a quick search to find the Lowe's Store nearest you.

(Please note: We are not currently in ALL Lowe's Stores. In this database, Only Lowe's Stores Currently stocking Mister Landscaper products are represented.)

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