A Fountain of Plants

Dryer conditions can happen anytime and anywhere. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do to make your home and landscape more water efficient, while still making a visual impression on the design. 

A new trend has been popping up in many arid and drought-affected climates that combines landscape design with efficiency and conservation.  Many of the cascading water fountains in these regions have been turned into planters.  Where water used to pour over the rims of these fountains, plants have taken its place - creating a unique design element that raises the eye above the ground and gives structure, dimension and focus to the overall landscape.

Mister Landscaper happened upon this great example of how these fountains can be transformed at the EPCOT Flower & Garden Show, so we wanted to share it with our customers.

Below is a step-by-step, how to turn your fountain into a planter.

Step 1:

Drill holes in the basins of your fountain.

Step 2:

Cover the holes you drilled with mulch, pot shards, or landscape fabric.

Step 3:

Fill the basins with lightweight potting soil.

Step 4:

Plant drought-tolerant plants of different colors and textures. (In our example, succulents were used.)

Step 5:

Water your new planter regularly, but only when the soil is dry.  Using a Drip Irrigation system like our Patio Watering Kit with dripper stakes will make sure that your new planter gets just the right amount of water to keep your plants healthy and still conserve water.

Step 6:

Enjoy the new addition to your garden. It is bound to turn some heads, or maybe start a conversation or two with the neighbors.

5/10/2012 8:28 PM
Thanks for the great idea mr.l.
5/10/2012 8:28 PM
Love the flowers!
5/10/2012 8:29 PM
Did mr.landscaper provide anything for epcot?
5/10/2012 8:30 PM
What are some good types of plants to use for the fountain?
5/10/2012 9:13 PM
@teacup50  Thank you for your comments. We did not provide any of the irrigation for the EPCOT Flower and Garden Show, However we do have a presence in EPCOT. If you go to the Land Exhibit and ride on the boat ride that takes you through the growing section you will see our Micro Irrigation Stakes sticking out of the ground.

As far as plants I would use for the fountain. They used mostly succulents which will work well. Find plants that don't need deep roots because fountains tend to be on the shallow end. Light small to Medium plants work best. I wouldn't plant a tree or bush in one. :-)  Hope that helps.
5/18/2012 9:53 PM
@torchdesignergirl  thank you very much!That helped me a lots!
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