Blog posts of '2011' 'May'

Squirrels Need Water, Too!

Ever have one of these in your yard? Chances are you have. They're everywhere. But, honestly, who doesn't love having these small, fluffy critters darting around the backyard? They're cute, right?

Well, perhaps if they're chewing through your Mister Landscaper tubing, they're not so cute. And this is a problem for some.

We've discovered that, on occasion, squirrels will chew through the Mister Landscaper tubing to get to the water. They're thirsty.

The easiest solution is to set out water pans or install a birdbath. As with most things, squirrels will follow the path of least resistance. If water is readily available, they won't bother to chew through your tubing to get it.

However, if squirrels are just not your thing, and you'd rather them be gone altogether, there are alternatives. If you search the internet, you will find everything from homemade pepper concoctions to powdered fox urine. Personally, I like birdbaths. But to each their own.

Happy irrigating!

Memorial Day 2011: Remember Them

At Mister Landscaper, we honor and remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

In Flanders Fields

by John McCrae

In Flanders fields the poppies grow

Between the crosses, row on row, 

That mark our place, and in the sky, 

The larks, still bravely singing, fly, 

Scarce heard amid the guns below. 

We are the dead; short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, 

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields. 

Take up our quarrel with the foe! 

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high! 

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Be thankful. Be safe. And have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


Getting The Most From Your Patio Kit

With each Patio Kit, there are a total of eight Dripper Stakes. And each Dripper Stake can be adjusted to output from zero to ten gallons of water per hour.

There is, however, one thing you should keep in mind when installing a Mister Landscaper Patio Kit - especially if you want to get the most from it.

If you plan on, at any point, simultaneously running all eight Dripper Stakes wide open (10 GPH), it is imperative that you DO NOT run them in a single line. Instead, you must first use one of the included 1/4" Tees and split the system so that it runs in two directions. By doing this, you make sure each stake is receiving the correct amount of water pressure. For reference, you can simultaneously run up to six stakes wide open.

However, if you plan to vary the flow rates between Stakes, then it is okay to run all eight in a single line.

Alternatively, by expanding the system and using Mister Landscaper 1/2" Poly Tubing as the main line, you can increase the number of Stakes to more than 30.

To do this, install a 25 PSI Pressure Regulator and a Poly Faucet Fitting. Then connect and run the 1/2" Poly Tubing around your patio or deck area. Finally, run a single line of 1/4" Vinyl to each Stake. That's it.

Now you know how to get the most from your Patio Kit.

Happy irrigating!

Mister Landscaper Tips: Cooking Oil

Every once in a while here at Mister Landscaper, an idea comes along that is so simple, it begs the question: Why didn't we think of it before now?

But no matter. Often these little epiphanous moments yield extremely useful tidbits. Take for instance: Cooking oil.

Now, while we certainly did not invent cooking oil, we did discover one of its many uses: Installing a Mister Landscaper system.

It came to our attention not too long ago that certain individuals were having difficulty pushing the 1/2" Poly Tubing onto the 1/2" Poly Fittings (There's a built-in O-ring on the fittings that does provide a bit of resistance). Since we couldn't get rid of the O-ring (it secures the seal), we racked our brains for another solution. That's when it happened. We discovered the nine hundred and seventy-third use for cooking oil.

Here's what you do: After cutting the 1/2" Poly Tubing to length, and before connecting any 1/2" Poly Fitting, apply a bit of cooking oil (olive, vegetable, canola) to the inside of the tubing just at the end. Then push the 1/2" Poly onto the 1/2" Fitting and over the built-in O-ring. Tighten the locking collar as usual. That's it! It's like butta!

And we won't get into the science of it here, but just that little bit of oil creates enough separation between the parts that installation becomes significantly easier. Simple, huh? But it works.

Whoda thunk it?

Correctly Installing Drippers

Houston, we have a problem.

Recently, we've been getting questions about the .5, 1, and 2 gph Drippers. It seems there is some confusion over which end is installed in the 1/2" Poly and 1/4" Vinyl Tubing. Understandably, the mix-up does happen - both ends do have holes after all.

But that said, let's see if we can't clear up the confusion.

All of the Mister Landscaper Drippers - whether the aforementioned or not - have one thing in common: It's what we refer to as a barb. The barb is pointed, generally has a smaller orifice than the actual outlet, and has a ridge or rim that holds the Dripper in the Tubing and prevents it from blowing out (see inset). The barbed end of a Dripper is always the end that gets installed in the tubing. Once you know what to look for, it's easy to spot.

Drippers can be hugely beneficial in creating an effective irrigation system. Unfortunately, they only work one way.

Happy irrigating!