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Pumpkins are Great

Growing up I always thought pumpkins were only good for carving during Halloween.

As time goes on I am finding out that you can use pumpkins for a lot of reasons.

You can make a pie,  bake the seeds, plant flowers in them, use the shell as a drink dispenser use them for the head of a scare crow, and paint them. The list keeps growing.

Pumpkins are great for many reasons.

The pumpkin it's self is also good for you. Pumpkins are a great source of vitamins and minerals.

They have beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin C. Pumpkin can also help prevent hardening of the arteries.

Next time you go to the pumpkin patch or local super market you might want to pick up a pumpkin for one of these great reasons.

Mister Landscaper want's to wish all of you a wonderful week.



Don't let all those fruits and vegetables go to waist. You can can them easier than you think. 

Simply follow the step by step instructions and you will be eating your own canned fruits and vegetables all winter long.

1. The first thing you need is the fruits or vegetables. Be sure to throw out or cut off all the rotten pieces. Next you want to wash them really good to remove dirt and chemicals.

2. The temp you use for canning depends on the type of food you want to can. If it's vegetables the temp. must be 240 F till all the harmful bacteria is destroyed. This can be done with a steam pressure canner.

3. If you are canning fruit (tomatoes included) they have a high level of acid and require heat processing of 212 F. This is reached by using a boiling-water canner.

4. It is important that you use the most up to date guide lines for canning your fruits and vegetables. Be sure that the cook book is newer and double check the canning process with an additional up to date source before you begin. If you go to the Ball or Kerr web site you will get the most up to date canning instructions.

5. When you are ready to fill your jars with the hot content be sure you leave extra space at the top of the jar. Use a wooden spoon to help get all the air out of the hot food. Push the spoon down the inside of the jar all the way around and carefully push the food down. This should get most of the air out.

6. Next, clean the rim of the jar with a clean damp cloth. Place the warm heated lid on top of the jar. Now you can screw the band down nice and tight. It does not have to be really tight. You should be able to get it off using only your finger tips.

7. Now you can carefully remove the jars from the canner and place them on a counter to cool. You might want to put a towel down first. Do not tighten the loads more at this point. Just let the jars cool.

8. Wait 24 hours or more before checking the lids to make sure they sealed. You can check by pushing down on the center cap. If it does not move it is sealed. If it does move this meant the jar did not seal and you will need to refrigerate it and eat it first.

9. The last step is to labile date and store for later. 

10. You are done and ready to enjoy your fruits and vegetables all winter long.







Fall DIY Placemats

Are you looking for something neat to place on your kitchen table for the holidays?

How about DIY placemats?

you will need:

1. fresh leaves

2. crayons

3. photos

4. lamination paper (see link below)

5. scissors

They are the perfect decoration for the fall season. It is an easy DIY craft that does not have to take a long time to make and you can add what ever you like.

My idea for the up coming season is to use the leaves that are falling from the trees. You can pick any color you wish.

If you can't find the color you want you can use white printer paper and a color crayon. Just place the leaf bumpy side up under the paper and color the paper with your choice of color in a quick back and fourth motion. You will see the pattern of the leaf starting to show through.

With this you can choose any color for your placemat.

Once you have it colored and cut out place it on half of the sticky lamination paper just how you like it. If you want to use the real leaf then just stick it on the paper directly.

If you want to make it personal you can add family photos.

Below I have attached links to where you can find the self lamination paper.

Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful fall season. Please feel free to share your experience on the mister landscaper Facebook page.