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How to Protect your Plants from Frost

You want to protect your plants from the frost. After all you work very hard all summer to  keep them looking their best. Don't let the frost hurt or even kill your precious plants.

You can take a few easy steps to protect your plants from a frost.

Step 1: Cover your plants with bed sheets if you know it is going to frost that night or day. You may need to use stakes if the weight of the sheet is pulling your plants over. You can also use light blankets or plastic as long as it does not smother the plant. Remember a plant is a living thing and needs air.

 Step 2: Remember to remove the covers once the temp rises again the next day.

Step 3: If it is going to be longer than 1 day of frost you can cover your plants with straw or mulch and remove once the danger of frost is over.

Step 4: You can snuggle your potted plants close together under a shelter to help protect them from the frost.

Step 5: You can use a low watt out door light to help keep the frost off your plants as well. 

Thank you for reading. Have a great winter!





When to Water

Watering you plants is very important. Without water they will die. If you give them too much water they may die as well. If you water them at the wrong time of day you could hurt them as well.

So, when is the best time to water your plants?

Mornings tend to be the best time to water your plants. The mornings are best for a few reasons. For starters it is cool in the morning so the amount of water lost due to evaporation is lower than if you were to water during the mid-day hours. Some people like to water their plants at night. The problem with watering at night is that the plants remain damp all night and can become damaged due to fungal and bacterial diseases. 

As for how much water your plants should get depends on the age. If they are new plants they will need extra water until the roots take hold. If you have a established plant then the roots may be deep enough to reach the damp soil.  as for how to water your plants it is best to use a drip system instead or a regular sprinkler that waste a lot of water and drenches the leaves which do not need the water. 

If you are looking for a great low-flow irrigation system that will take care of all your watering concerns Mister Landscaper has it all. They have great DIY low-flow irrigation kits as well as timers that will control the time and length of time your plants get water. Mister landscaper has great prices and is made in the USA. you can visit them at They also provide free shipping on orders of $25.00 or more.


Micro Sprinkler Beginner's Kit

Mister Landscaper has everything you need to set you up with a easy DIY low-flow irrigation system.  

The Micro Sprinkler Beginner's Kit is a great place to start.

It provides you with easy step-by-step instructions that will allow you to sit back  within 30-45 min. later and sip your favorite drink while all your flowers are being watered.

The Micro Sprinkler Beginner's Kit comes with 2 Green Stake Assemblies and covers up to 150 sq. ft. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. You will be done after 6 easy steps. Each step includes a photo that demonstrates what you need to do next. 

Once you have set up your low-flow irrigation system you can sit back and enjoy  all the benefits. The low-flow irrigation system  from Mister Landscaper will have you using up to 50% less water.  It will save you time that you would have spent watering  your plants by hand, and you  will save money on your next water bill.

The Micro Sprinkler Beginner's kit makes a great Christmas gift for all your garden friends. The great thing about Mister Landscapers kits is that if you ever want to add on to the system it is very easy. Mister Landscaper sells everything sold in the kit individually as well. You can go back and re- order at any time, and as long as you spend $25.00 or more the shipping is free. 

If you would like to place an order today for Mister Landscaper you can go to

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