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DIY Easy Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are getting very popular for many reasons. Some of us have bad dirt and want to start over. Others want to keep small animals out of the garden. Then there are those of us who just like the look. No matter what you reason is for wanting a raised garden bed. I have a few easy solutions to building one that will take very little time and effort and money.

The first idea is to use an old plastic swimming pool. You can cut most of the bottom out so the water can drain and place a bottom layer or rock prior to filling it up with dirt.

The next idea is to use a horse trough. They are easy to find at tractor supply and they look good. If you don't like the color you can always paint the outside. Don't forget to cut the large hole in the bottom and dump a layer of rock before you put the dirt in.

My third idea was to find a old wooden box. The ones people use That ship large items. They may be a little too tall but, you can cut as much as you want off the top. It would still be easier than starting from scratch.

My last idea was to use an old sand box. It does not matter what kind. My daughter has an old plastic one that liked like a crab. I wish we still had it. The last step is to plant your raised bed and enjoy the extra time and money you saved.

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Is there something missing in your garden? Do you have a problem with birds?

Have you thought about building a scare crow? They make neat decorations and serve a purpose. It's also a great way to have some quality family time. is all you need is as followed.

 1. long sleeve shirt

2. pants or overalls

3. suspenders 

4. pumpkin

5. i bail of straw

6. old shoes

7. hat

8. stuff that makes noise in the wind

9. marker

10. something to prop Mr. or Mrs. scare crow up on.

Now you are ready to start stuffing. I usually start with the pants. Once you get the panths as stuffed as you wish set the pants aside and start stuffing the shirt. If you want a button up shirt I recommend stuffing a long sleeve plain shirt and then putting the button up shirt on over.

If you try to stuff a button up shirt you will run into a problem with keeping the buttons on. In other words you will start to bust at the seams. 

Once all is stuffed you can tie the top and bottom together with string or you can use suspenders. 

Now decide how you want your scarecrows face to look. You can carve a pumpkin face or just draw a pumpkin face using a black or brown permanent marker.

The last step is to place the scarecrow just how you want it and then add the boots, hat, and tin pans or cans to make noise in the wind to scare off the birds. 

The final step is to name your scare crow.

Enjoy your DIY fall scarecrow!

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If you are wondering what kind of scare crow to make you can go to for some neat ideas.

If you want so see some ideas you can also go to,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=78f29d23f70e5505&biw=1920&bih=989



Pumpkin Carving Ready?

Pumpkin Carving Ready?

We are not too far away and I  am sure that I am not the only one thinking about what I am going to carve into my pumpkins. I have seen a few good ideas I just am not too sure if  I can do what they did. If you are looking for some cute ideas.

For those of you who don't like to get messy but still want the experience I found a online pumpkin carving site. Go to  It's cute and easy to do.

If you see up you can start all over again with the click of a button.

For my friends who love to dig in and try new things I found a site that will allow you to download and print 2012 patterns for free. You have 6 to pick from.

Go to

If you are looking for the perfect pumpkin carving set check out They are being sold for $6.54 and if you order $25.00 or more worth of stuff you can get the free shipping.

For my friends who have never carved a pumpkin and this will be your first time you can print out step by step directions on

For my friends who want to carve pumpkins for the fall season I ran into a cute idea on They were using cookie cutters to stamp out different patterns. If you go to www.pintrest and join for free you can do a search for pumpkin carving and see all the great ideas.

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